WWE And TNA PPV’s To Be Held On The Same Date?

by Chris Gorst on 8th August 2008

The date of WWE’s Armageddon PPV has been changed to December 14th. The original date was December 21st, however it will still be held at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York. Ticket information is available at WWE.com.

According to TNA’s website, their Turning Point PPV will also be held on December 14th. To see the list of TNA’s pay-per-view dates, go to TNAWrestling.com

I would imagine that one of these dates will be changed, and it’s very possible that WWE made a mistake in posting the December 14th date. If WWE does in fact plan on running their show on the 14th, my guess is that TNA will change their date as a WWE PPV will most likely draw the buy from those who watch both promotion’s pay per views.

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