Raw Fusion: Trouble In The Ranks

by Firefly on 27th July 2010

The 26th July 2010 episode of Monday Night Raw starts out with a video recapping the events of last week between John Cena and The Nexus. Afterwards, John Cena kicks off the show by making his way to the ring and grabbing a microphone.

Cena says that seven weeks ago, The Nexus attacked and destroyed everything in their path without any warning at all, nobody was safe and it was done for reasons only known to them, if The Nexus wanted you hurt, you would get hurt – until last Monday.

He said finally the Raw Superstars said they’d had enough, standing side-by-side in the ring, not mattering whether they were friends or enemies, with one common goal, to end The Nexus at SummerSlam.

He says The Nexus has been running Raw because people think they are invincible, but at SummerSlam it will be proved that they aren’t, he says it’s about time because the longer they run Raw, the more power they get, meaning more influence, which the more they get, they will take over the show – and that could spell the end of Monday Night Raw.

Cena says it won’t be easy as his team is not the Superfriends, but it doesn’t matter, because he promises that at SummerSlam his team will hit the ring, and The Nexus will know – but he then gets interrupted by Jericho’s music.

Once Jericho is in the ring, Cena introduces him as being one of the members on the team, with a “Y2J” chant starting in the crowd. Jericho says that he was standing backstage binding his time, counting the seconds, until Cena said what he knew he would say – that it’s John Cena’s team.

He says that all week long, people approached him saying that they were happy he was on Cena’s team, that he had finally seen the light. He says that he didn’t get involved to be a part of Cena’s team, to bask in the glory of a hero, or to shamelessly pander to a group of parasites, he got involved in it because of his personal problems with The Nexus, and more importantly Wade Barrett.

Jericho says that he knows Barrett and The Nexus better than Cena, so it’s his team not Cena’s. Cena says that’s fine, he can have control of the team and call it whatever he wants, he just wants to beat The Nexus.

Jericho tells him not to patronise him, he says the team lives or dies on his whims, doing what he says, what he wants to do – until Cena knocks the microphone out of his hand. Cena says that it’s not about Jericho, it’s not about himself, it’s about the business.

He says The Nexus has taken over the company, last week they got to Jericho, they got to him, they get to whoever they want, and taking a page out of Jericho’s own book, asks if he understands what he is saying to him right now. Cena agrees that Jericho knows The Nexus and Wade Barrett better than anyone, and because of this, Jericho is essential to the team.

Picking up the microphone again, Jericho tells Cena not to knock it out of his hand again. He says he knows that he is essential to the team, he says he knows better than anyone there that the only chance Cena has to beat The Nexus at SummerSlam is if he has the best in the world standing and fighting beside him.

Jericho says he can see the big picture, and The Nexus is not the only one who is a threat to the company, another one is Cena who he says is a lot like The Nexus too, except when Cena does it, it is with the support of the fans, who Jericho says Cena makes dance like a puppet on a string.

Jericho says that at SummerSlam, as soon as The Nexus is abolished, he will take the logical step and turn his sights on the other threat, getting rid of Cena, whether it’s with the help of the rest of the team, or by himself.

Cena says that he’s standing right there, so to take his best shot. Before anything can happen, the lights flash and a sound plays to indicate that Michael Cole has an email from the General Manager. Michael Cole tells us that the General Manager says that the match at SummerSlam will now be an Elimination match, and in a preview of that, seven (different) Raw Superstars will take on The Nexus later on.

He says that the match at SummerSlam is all about teamwork, so in a match later on, we will see how Cena and Jericho function as a team, as they have a tag team match against opponents of the General Manager’s choosing – and if they’re not down with that, the GM has two words for them.

Afterwards, we have the WWE Slam Of The Week video recapping the events of last week between The Miz and Sheamus that R-Truth interrupted, followed by Sheamus making his way to ringside to observe the upcoming match.

As Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for his match against Jey Uso we see a video recapping the match last week that Orton won to become the number one contender for Sheamus’ WWE Championship.

The match ends with an RKO for the 3-count, then turning his attention to Sheamus at ringside, Randy gets jumped from behind by Jimmy Uso, but quickly turns it back around moving out of the way when Sheamus tries to hit him with the Brogue Kick, making it hit Uso instead, then hitting an RKO on Sheamus.

After a few moments, The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase and a referee, with him deciding to cash it in on Sheamus. Before the bell can ring to start the match however, Orton gets back into the ring and hits The Miz with an RKO, thus thwarting The Miz’s attempt to cash in his Money In The Bank contract.

Going backstage, Edge is talking to Ted DiBiase and Maryse, saying that he can’t wait to pay The Nexus back at SummerSlam, but he wishes that DiBiase was on his team, as opposed to Khali. He says that though Khali is big and powerful, Khali is clumsy and uncoordinated and not very bright – Maryse chips in saying that they also don’t understand what he’s saying when he talks, finishing with some French.

DiBiase says that when he beats Morrison tonight, he’s sure that Cena will realise the error of his ways, that neither Khali nor Morrison deserve to be kept on the team. Edge says he likes that, otherwise he will have to force Cena’s hand and take Khali out himself, leaving but passing Runjin Singh on the way, who appears to have heard everything he said about Khali.

Back out to the ring, The Miz and Sheamus are arguing, until the lights flash and sound plays, for another email from the General Manager, though Cole mixes up his words when he tries to tell us as such. Cole tells us that the General Manager says that he’s found the team to challenge Jericho and Cena, and that team is The Miz and Sheamus.

Next, we have a SummerSlam Recall video recapping the events of the match from SummerSlam 1988 between The Honky Tonk Man and The Ultimate Warrior, that resulted in Ultimate Warrior winning the Intercontinental Championship.

Edge is backstage on the phone when Khali and Singh barge in, saying that Singh heard what he said to DiBiase earlier. Edge denies it, saying that has nothing but upmost respect for Khali – Khali isn’t buying it, calling Edge obnoxious, delusional and a nincompoop, then challenging him to a match right now. Edge accepts, saying that if he wins, Khali is off the team – telling Singh to translate that, before walking off.

Now the match between Edge and Khali starts, with them making their respective entrances, but there appears to be no decisive outcome as The Nexus make their way to the ring, surrounding it, with Edge climbing out of the ring before they do so completely. The Nexus climb into the ring, but after a few moments back off, giving Khali a pass to leave, which he takes.

Next up, The Nexus take on Team Raw, which consists of Evan Bourne, Goldust, Jerry “The King” Lawler, The Hart Dynasty, Mark Henry, and Yoshi Tatsu. The match ends with Barrett hitting The Wasteland on Bourne for the win, with The Nexus having eliminated every member of Team Raw, without suffering any losses themselves.

Afterwards, The Nexus beat Bourne down further, before Barrett grabs a microphone, telling us that what we just witnessed was an act of total domination. He says that The Nexus has always been one hundred percent behind a common purpose, but Cena’s/Jericho’s team is already showing cracks, caused by their own egos and agendas.

Assuring us that at SummerSlam, those cracks are going to destroy the very foundation of that team, he hands the microphone to Skip Sheffield. Sheffield says that Cena has a team of individuals that unlike them, have no single focus, because that team is not willing to risk themselves individually for the betterment of the group, like they have done before, telling us that The Nexus are unbreakable before handing the microphone to Michael Tarver.

Tarver says that SummerSlam will be no different from what they just did, that they will eliminate every member of the opposing team until there is only one left, who he hopes is Cena so that they can take their time and treat him like a piece of meat, sinking their teeth into him, tearing him apart until everyone has had their fill, then putting him out of his misery so it is over for Cena, in more ways than one.

Backstage, Sheamus says to The Miz that he has a neck on him, due to having tried to cash in Money In The Bank when he believed Sheamus was most vulnerable, but he says it’s never going to happen, The Miz is dreaming because there is no chance in the world that he can beat him – if he thinks he can, then he should name the time and place, and he’ll leave him black and blue.

The Miz suggests immediately after the match between themselves and the team of Jericho and Cena, where after winning the match, he would throw Sheamus into the ring to get an Attitude Adjustment from Cena and Walls Of Jericho from Jericho, then cashing in Money In The Bank to become WWE Champion. Sheamus warns The Miz that if he keeps pushing him, he will regret it, then knocking the briefcase from Miz’s hand before leaving.

Next, Brie Bella (accompanied by Nikki) takes on Divas Champion Alicia Fox in a non-title match. Alicia wins after hitting an Axe Kick, but not before what looked like an attempt for Brie and Nikki to switch places but that got thwarted by Jillian. Afterwards, Jillian congratulates Alicia for giving the Bella Twins what they deserved and “rewards” her by singing – after a kick to the gut, Jillian too gets hit with an Axe Kick before Alicia leaves.

John Morrison is pitted against Ted DiBiase (accompanied by Maryse) with R-Truth joining Cole and King at the announce table for commentary. The match ends with DiBiase hitting a Drop-Toe Hold on Morrison that collides with Truth, knocking him off the apron, with DiBiase then pinning to get the 3-count. Afterwards, R-Truth tries to explain what happened to an irate Morrison in the ring, but doesn’t seem to be heeded as Morrison exits the ring and leaves, them both then continuing the disagreement on the entrance ramp as John Cena watches on a monitor backstage.

After another video recap of last week’s events between Cena and The Nexus, Josh Mathews interviews Randy Orton backstage. Mathews asks if because of the RKO to The Miz earlier, it means that he would rather face Sheamus at SummerSlam. Orton reminds Mathews that before the RKO to The Miz, the same thing happened to Sheamus, he says that his message is clear – the champion at SummerSlam does not matter, because whoever it is at SummerSlam will be answered with an RKO.

Next up, Cena and Jericho face The Miz and Sheamus in a Tag Team match. The match ends with The Miz geting the pin after Jericho hits Cena with the Codebreaker. Afterwards, Jericho puts the Walls Of Jericho onto Cena until Cena counters it into the STF, but that only lasts until Khali gets into the ring and pulls him off of Jericho, but he in turn gets a Spear from Edge when he turns around, with all of the members of their team except Bret Hart ending up in the ring afterwards, arguing as Raw goes off the air.

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