WWE SmackDown!/ECW House Show from Syracuse, NY

by Chris Gorst on 10th August 2008

1. Evan Bourne vs. Kenny Dykstra: Kenny comes out in a Boston T-shirt to piss off the fans. Bourne is actually pretty over with the crowd. Bourne wins with the SSP.

2. Ron Truth (Killings) vs. Brian Kendrick: Nothing special, lots of stalling. Kendrick’s bodyguard’s interference backfires and Truth rolls him up for the win.

3. Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin (U.S. Title): Hardy is crazy over, and limps noticeably to the ring. Shelton works over his leg a lot. MVP interferes for the DQ. Hardy beats him down and hits the swanton

4. Michelle McCool vs. Victoria (Diva’s Title): McCool almost kills herself with a botched rana, she almost landed right on her head. McCool wins by submission with the heel hook.

5. Mike Knox vs. Finlay: Finlay and Hornswaggle did the Rocket Launcher! Finlay wins after Hornswaggle hits Knox in the grapefruits and Finlay hits him with the Shackalacki.

6. Hawkins and Ryder vs. Jesse and Festus (WWE Tag Titles): This was a lumberjack match and nothing special, Hawkins and Ryder win.

7. Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy (ECW Title): Matt had hit won with the Twist of Fate, but Tony Atlas pulls Matt to the floor. Henry with the World’s Strongest Slam to win.

8. Edge vs. Big Show (Street Fight) lots of plunder involved: Edge tries to walk out but Hawkins and Ryder throw him back into the ring, Big Show wins with a chokeslam onto a trash can. Then Show hits them with a double chokeslam to end the show.

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