IGN Interview with "Showtime" Eric Young

by Chris Gorst on 10th August 2008

US, August 7, 2008 – Eric Young’s managed to make it through beating after beating to survive in TNA as everything from a Canadian to a Superhero. (Are the two mutually exclusive?) Young’s one of the most talented wrestlers out there, with the ability to draw sympathy from even the most jaded of fans.

We talked to Young about what he played growing up, his favorite moves from old games, and what he’ll do when he opens up the box.

IGN: First question, Eric Young: What’s it like to be in TNA Impact, the video game?

Eric Young: It’s a cool feeling. My life is complete! I’ve got an action figure that I didn’t make myself, and I can play a wrestling game where I didn’t need to create myself — I’m actually already in the game.

IGN: Have you created yourself in games before?

Eric Young: Oh yes.

IGN: What was your character like in those games? How did it differ from the Eric Young we’ll see in TNA Impact?

Eric Young: Well, he was tough, for one. That’s definitely not who I am on TV. It’s never exactly [in Create-A-Wrestler] what you want, so it’ll be cool to play as me. I tried to make it as realistic as possible.

IGN: What games did you like to play growing up?

Eric Young: Wrestling games were always my favorite cause I’ve always loved pro wrestling. My favorite was Tecmo Wrestling — I mastered the giant swing. Then, I think…RAW for SEGA Genesis, cause the battle royal was my favorite. Then No Mercy and WCW/NWO Revenge…those games took up days of my life.

IGN: There were a lot of mysterious characters in those games, like AKI Man. Who do you think AKI Man was?

Eric Young: Hmmm…it could have been Curry Man!

IGN: What were your initial reactions when you saw yourself in the game for the first time?

Eric Young: The first time, I saw it at 40% done, and it still blew me away because the graphics were so well put-together and the game was still fun, even at 40%. I’ve heard a lot of good things and I can’t wait.

IGN: What do you think about your depiction in the game? Do you think it’s accurate?

Eric Young: I haven’t seen my moves yet, so I’m not sure. It was crazy looking because it was me…but in digital-form. I’m not that good-looking. It was cool to see and get my hands on.

IGN: Is there one move you’d want to have in real-life that you’ll be able to do in the game, like the Canadian Destroyer?

Eric Young: Um…winning. The vertical press. When I’m on top. That would be my favorite move.

IGN: Outside of wrestling games, what did you like?

Eric Young: All the Madden games, I bought every one since 1992. All of the EA Sports hockey games since 1992 as well. My favorite player was Niklas Soderstrom, of the Kings in 1993, or Petr Klima from the Oilers. I liked his helmet. GoldenEye 64 took up a lot of hours too, that was one of my favorites. I’m still playing Call of Duty.

IGN: What are you playing right now?

Eric Young: MLB: The Show 08, Hot Shots Golf…all games for PSP to pass the time and take my mind off.

IGN: Last question: When you get TNA Impact, you’re gonna play as yourself. Who are you gonna play against?

Eric Young: Actually, I think I’m gonna play as Robert Roode, and when the match starts, I’m gonna walk away and let my dog take over.

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