Khali’s Future, Kurt Angle and RAW Segment Announced

by Chris Gorst on 10th August 2008

– WWE is looking to get as much out of The Great Khali while they still can. The belief is that he won’t be with the company for the long haul due to his ailing knees, as they continue to give him problems. Khali was said to not be too aggressive in rehab during his last round of knee surgeries. Nowadays, Khali struggles to get around and people are questioning his long term future in the business.

– On RAW this Monday, there will apparently be some sort of a gimmick challenge with C.M. Punk vs. JBL in something that Punk can’t possibly win, possibly a beer drinking contest. This would make sense and has to be some sort of rib on CM Punk as he doesn’t drink alcohol.

– Kurt Angle was at the Florida Marlins vs. Philadelphia Phillies MLB game on Friday and was interviewed on FSN. He plugged Sunday’s TNA PPV and said that winning an Olympic Gold Medal remains the biggest thrill of his life.

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