Ventura/WWE Storyline Plans?, Cade’s Injury, Torrie, DVD Sales

by Chris Gorst on 10th August 2008

– According to a report by The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter, Jesse Ventura stated recently on Howard Stern that he approached Vince McMahon with an angle for WrestleMania last May or June. According to Ventura, the angle was that WWE would create their own political party with Vince as the candidate and they would do a drive to get all the signatures they needed to get him on the ballot. In the end, they would then reveal that the whole Vince McMahon as the “candidate” deal would just be a storyline and that Ventura would be the one running for President. Ventura said he met with Vince once about the idea and Vince never called him back. On a side note, Ventura was in attendance at UFC 87 last night in Minneapolis, MN. He was shown during the PPV broadcast during the Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring fight.

– In regards to total units shipped, here are some recent figures for WWE DVD titles: WrestleMania 24 did 305,000 units, the new Triple H DVD did 233,000 units, the new Steve Austin DVD did 221,000 units, the new Rock DVD did 160,000 units and the new Hardys DVD did 140,000 units.

– Lance Cade is currently out with a broken nose. Cade suffered the injury at the August 2 Raw house show in Evansville, IN.

– Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson is now taking bookings at: I’m told her asking price is around 7 grand.

– Devin Cutting sent this in: Ric Flair will be appearing at the GCW Pro Wrestling event in Pell City, Alabama on August 23rd, 2008. The event is a fundraiser for the family of deceased police officer Greg Surles.

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