My Thoughts on…..Kurt Angle

by Chris Gorst on 12th August 2008

Since his debut in WWE, I have been a fan of Kurt Angle. The guy is one of the best and most dedicated wrestlers in the world, maybe too dedicated for his own good. I will get this out now, while some of the comments he makes in interviews are a little, well thats a bit wrong, they are way out there, anybody who takes anything away from the man is insane. He has had numerous broken necks and wrestled with injuries that would end most peoples careers (remember him wrestling that match against Lesnar at Wrestlemania XIX with a broken neck?) Kurt is a machine, and after watching Hard Justice this past week, I can honestly say that an injured Kurt Angle is still better than most perfectly healthy wrestlers on either the WWE or TNA rosters.

Take a look at his matches this year. Every month, he steals the show on TNA pay per views. Some could attribute that to his opponents, but he busts his ass as well. Look at his history of 2008 (pay per view only)

Final Resolution: Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage
Against All Odds: Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage
Lockdown: Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe
Slammiversary: Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles
Victory Road: Kurt Angle and Team 3D vs AJ Styles, Rhino and Christian
Hard Justice: Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

Every match there was a highlight on the pay per view mentioned. How many people would be willing to put their careers on the line to pull off a single spot? Kurt took a top rope DDT on Sunday in his last man standing match, for someone with a neck which is obviously as fragile as his must be, he showed a lot of faith in his opponent to allow a spot like that.

However you look at it, Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He has the ability to go out and put on great matches, on that list there are at least 3 legitimate match of the year candidates (Lockdown, Slammiversary and Hard Justice), and I would consider the 2 matches against Christian and the Full Metal Mayhem were all close to be close to it (only let down by the run-ins). How many other people who get mainstream exposure have had as many good matches this year?

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