Report On Mick Foley Heading To TNA Next Month

by Al M. on 13th August 2008


The Sun out of the UK is reporting a close friend of Mick Foley has informed them that the
hardcore icon is headed to TNA Wrestling when his WWE contract expires on September

Foley’s friend told the Sun, “Mick’s body cannot handle a full time schedule, even in
TNA. But he’s hell bent on doing everything he can to further his legacy and put them
on the

The friend added, “Mick’s plan is to wrestle select dates, like Sting currently does. He
feels he will legitimately make a big difference in the way TNA Wrestling is perceived by
the public!”

Back in 2005, Foley was in talks with TNA and was very close to signing with the company
before he wound up back in WWE. He did not work this week’s SmackDown! taping.

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