NXT Fusion: No More Mustache

by Firefly on 28th July 2010

The 27th July 2010 episode of NXT starts before the titles roll with a video showing highlights of the past few weeks and hyping the elimination to take place later on. After the titles roll, Matt Striker kicks the show off by introducing the Rookies, with the Pros already on stage.

Once they are all in the ring with him, he gives them each one minute each to talk about their chosen subject except why they should not be eliminated. “Lucky” Cannon’s topic is “Friends”, Eli Cottonwood’s is “Eyes”, Husky Harris’ is “Husky”, Kaval’s is “Dreams”, Alex Riley’s is “Starbucks”, and Percy Watson’s is “Having a Good Time.” Michael McGillicutty tells Striker not to worry about his topic, and he challenges The Miz to a match due to The Miz calling him mediocre in the video package last week – The Miz tells him to talk to him once he has a Raw or SmackDown contract.

Next, we have a video showing “Showtime” Percy Watson’s accomplishments, including comments from the WWE Pros, followed by Watson taking on Zack Rider in a match that ends with Watson getting the win after a float-over DDT followed by a jumping splash.

Going backstage, John Morrison is talking to his Rookie, Eli Cottonwood. Morrison tells Cottonwood that one of the best ways to improve is to watch a tape of past performances, so we are then shown a video showing Cottonwood’s performance last week in the Obstacle Course. Afterwards Morrison tells Cottonwood that he is facing McGillicutty later on, somebody who is undefeated, but Cottonwood says that he’s not worried about him, he’s got one word for him – Morrison suggests “intensity”, but Cottonwood says that it is “Mustache”.

After a video showing the events of last week’s Obstacle Course, Cottonwood is pitted against McGillicutty, with McGillicutty getting the win to continue his undefeated streak, after a Swinging Neckbreaker.

Going backstage, Ashley Valence introduces a video package for Kaval that includes comments from the WWE Pros, after which Kaval and Lay-Cool are backstage talking, until Husky bumps into Kaval on the way past saying that he’s obviously not very noticeable but is rebuffed by Kaval saying that he lets his actions in the ring speak for him.

Back out to the ring, Kaval takes on Husky Harris with Harris getting the win after inadvertantly knocking McCool and Layla off the ring apron, which caused Kaval to be distracted by checking if his Pros were alright, which Harris took advantage of with a Reverse Brainbuster followed by his Backsplash.

Afterwards, Striker tells us that it’s time for the WWE Pros to tally up their votes and us to find out who is to be eliminated. Before we actually do so though, we are shown a video of the events of this week’s Raw involving Cena’s team and The Nexus (click here for our Raw Report).

After some SummerSlam hype, we find out that the new NXT Poll rankings are as follows (from 1st to 7th): McGillicutty, Kaval, Riley, Watson, Cannon, Harris, and Cottonwood. This signifies that Cottonwood is to be eliminated, but upon being asked if he wants to say to the WWE Universe, he attacks Harris, with some of the other Rookies trying to stop him – until Cottonwood ends up walking off backstage, pushing Morrison out of the way when confronted on the stage.

Striker asks Harris if there is something about his personality or in-ring skill that he thinks is not connecting with the WWE Universe, and if so what he’s going to do about it. Harris says that all he’s got to say about it is that they’ve seen the war-path he has been on the last few weeks, and if that isn’t stepping up then he doesn’t know what is and he doesn’t know if it exists – it’s his competition, his dream, and he deserves this.

Striker asks McGillicutty what being number one feels like and what he’s going to do to stay there, which he responds that ever since he began this competition, he’s said he’s going to win it, he’s currently five and zero, and he’s on the right path and when it’s all said and done, his record will be whatever and zero, with him then going on to become a World Champion.

When asked by Striker if he was concerned by Cottonwood jumping him, Riley says he wasn’t, he says that he’s a much better athlete than Cottonwood would ever dream of being, and that he’s not worried at number three because he knows that he is better than Kaval and McGillicutty, and in the next few weeks he will be climbing to number one. This causes McGillicutty to start fighting with Riley, followed by Cottonwood then making his way down to the ring again and to attack Cannon and Harris, as NXT goes off the air.

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