Tomko Backstage at WWE Show

by Al M. on 14th August 2008

Earlier this month, Tomko was released by TNA. This week, he shows up backstage
during the Smackdown/ECW tapings.

When Tomko was first released by TNA, the speculation was that he would head on
over to Japan to work full time. It’s a smart business move for Tomko to check things
out with WWE just in case it’s a better deal than Japan. Tomko really enjoys working in
Japan, but if he signs with WWE, he’ll obviously have to stop working there.

Then again, this could just be something where Tomko was just backstage visiting friends
while he was in Atlanta.

Al’s Vault:

Take it for what it is worth, now rumors will continue to grow about Tomkos return to the WWE!
Was he visiting with friends, or visting with Vinnie-Mac. Only time can tell!

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