Al’s Vault: 5 More WWE Wrestlers Gone, and 1 Referee

by Al M. on 15th August 2008

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of ECW Superstars Stevie
Richards and Colin Delaney, Raw tag team Robbie & Rory of The Highlanders, SmackDown Diva
Cherry, and WWE referee Wes Adams as of Aug. 15, 2008. WWE wishes them the best in all
their future endeavors.

Al’s Vault:
The biggest surprise for me is Steven Richards! Poor guy as been a leader for so many years
and now got is legs chopped up from underneath him. It didnt seem like they had anything
else for Colin Delanay, he didnt have the build. At least he can say he was a WWE Superstar!
Haha… Thats more than I can say! Looks like The Highlanders last chance was this passed Monday
Night Raw. They lost to Cryme Tyme in a short match, looks like Vince still had a strand of hope
from them, but this Monday Night put the cork in it. Smackdown Diva Cherry, was another surprise,
I thought she had the potential of getting over I guess the WWE thought other wise. As for
Wes Adams, I am not sure what happened there, I will have to invesitgate some more for you guys.
I wish all the ex-WWE Stars a promising future, and the best of luck!

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