WWE Blogs: Matt Hardy’s New Blog Entry 8/15/2008

by Al M. on 15th August 2008

A take on life from yours truly, as I breakdown the “Riddle Me This” blog..

A couple of weeks ago, in my “Riddle Me This” blog, I threw a cryptic question out there for
everyone to interpret in their own way. Here’s the exact statement I made..

“Here’s a question that I ask each and every one of you for your own take and deducted spin..
Why is it so tricky, sometimes even difficult? Break my cryptic question down and translate it for
me as you will..”

Here’s what I was thinking when I wrote that..

I had just experienced a couple of weeks where I had seen some of my friends and
acquaintances blow huge opportunities for themselves. The opportunities varied–they were
either career oriented, life enhancing, or relationship based–but I witnessed them TOTALLY
screw them up. And the most annoying part to me was that they acted like it was the
opportunities’ loss, not theirs. But these couple of examples made me think about the bigger
picture that happens all the time. And that’s people dropping the ball when they have a chance
to capitalize on a golden opportunity. Which led me to ask myself, “Why is it so tricky, sometimes even difficult.. to realize how great of an opportunity you have and to jump on it–to knock it out
of the park?”

I truly believe we all ultimately determine how good our quality of life is. Everyone has past
issues that they can use as a crutch if they choose to. I was poor growing up in a extremely
small town, my Mom died from cancer when I was young, my Dad wasn’t supportive of my dream
early on, and I had ZERO connection in the pro wrestling business–I could have used excuses.
But instead, I made my mind up and decided what I wanted to do and I did it. Period. F*ck excuses,
I hate excuses. Getting to your goal is the first tough step–achieving it, and retaining it are
battles that are just as tough, if not tougher.

I see people screw up quite often when they become comfortable and/or complacent with
where they’re at in life. People usually don’t realize how good they’ve got it until it’s gone. And
that can refer to a career, a job, a friend, or a relationship. Then the “What have I done?”
feeling often kicks in, and they regret being comfortable and/or complacent.

To sum things up, bust your ass and give your all to whatever you decide to invest yourself
into. Don’t go halfway, go full bore with everything you have. Life’s too short and valuable to
not make the absolute most out of every aspect of it. Be humble enough to allow yourself to
step back from your current success and realize what’s good and what you have to be
appreciative of. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else believes in you. And
once someone else believes in you, you should always work your hardest to maintain their
faith. Even if no one else thinks so, believe you can achieve your dreams and conquer your
world. Unlock Your Empire. And your Empire may be a life as a teacher, fireman, housewife,
engineer, scientist, model, athlete, or whatever you aspire to be that makes you happy. Even
a WWE Superstar 🙂

Quote of the day – “Everyday I wake I tell myself a little harmless lie, the whole wide world is
mine” – Angels & Airwaves, Rite Of Spring


Thanks to Matt Hardy’s MySpace Profile!

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