WWE Blogs: The Miz’s Latest Blog Entry 8/15/2008

by Al M. on 15th August 2008

I went to the party of all parties….Mid Summer Night Dreams Playboy Mansion party. Only
the elite get invited and this is my 3rd time… How awesome is that? I love my life. This was
the first time I acutally had a real friend going as well, Mark Long (Road Rules tools).

So I called Mark while in the shuttle (everyone takes a shuttle to the mansion) and said I need a
Jack and Diet (listen when you wrestle and your shirt is off you go for diet) when I arrive. While
on the shuttle I met a girl that I made out with the first time I went to Las Vegas. I didn’t
remember I know it was true cause Elka was there along with a bunch of people from battle of
the seasons in 02..she named things that happened. Awesome start. Not only that but as soon
as I walked off the shuttle bus Mark was there with my drink.

Now we are not first timers so we chilled and met peps that are fun to hang with…no one u’d
know. I did see my favorite on last comic standing, Jeff Dye, who was really cool little pissed
that he’s dating Sara playmate of the year 07. Good for him and her hopfully it’ll be all good.
You never know in this life she coulda got a waiter from sattle ranch. Wow I’m a hater.

Back to me cause I love talking about me. I didn’t really see any celebs at this one which I
normally do. I had the most fun out of all the mansion parties I do know that this wasn’t the
best one though.

I did have an after party which I brought 3 girls n me n mark thought it would be great right….wrong…
A 2 girl fight broke out. Awesome I would think but it was my place. I had
to separate. Two playmates fighting sounds great but in my brand new condo screw that. I
know I suck whatever I love my life a party with half naked women like 10s. I had fun…I mean
how many peps can say I went into the grotto and…..well can’t talk about that…be jealous.4

Thanks To The Miz Updating His MySpace Profile!

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