WWE Blogs: Kelly Kelly New Blog Entry 8/15/2008

by Al M. on 15th August 2008

The 3 questions of the week (Purse, Trip ans Song)

Question 1; Whats do you always have in your purse?

My brown Burberry wallet, my blackberry, my ipod, my pink camera, my passeport, my little
gps, a lip gloss or 2, a pack of peach gums and some coins all over…

Question 2; Whats your favorite destination ?

From all the places I went in the world, I would say Barbados to relax with the love of your
life, Cuba to dance, party and smoke cohibas all night long, Barcelona Spain to take amazing
pictures and drink the best expresso ever, Paris for shopping, New York to walk outside in a
very cold winter, Montreal for the crazy fucked up Nightlife, Miami to get down and dirty
with girlfriends, Turks and Caicos, welcome to the paradis, …………………………

Question 3; What your favorite song right now?
I kissed a girl by Katy Perry

Thanks To Kelly Kelly For Updating Her Myspace Profile!

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