Nuts TV Looking For The Next Cage Fighting Champion

by Woody on 18th August 2008

29th July 2008 – Nuts TV is scouring the nation for the toughest men with brawn, athleticism and fighting potential to become the Ultimate Cage Fighter.

Whether you’re a bouncer, builder, accountant or traffic warden, Nuts TV is giving you the opportunity to step into the octagon and show the nation just what you’re made of.

Fighting Hurts, the new extreme reality series from Nuts TV, will give sixteen novice fighters, selected at the ‘proving session’ auditions on 7th-8th August, the chance to train with some of the top talents in British MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and fight live on the main bill at a future Cage Rage in November.

The winner of the show will go on to be trained-up as a Cage Rage Contender fighter and fight on the main bill in the next Contenders live event.

Once chosen the sixteen finalists will be locked away on an intense boot camp where they will be put through rigorous MMA training, which includes instruction in fighting techniques from masters of Karate, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Having developed their striking, grappling and defensive skills, each fighter will face off with their closest competitor in a knock out competition to find the 4 semi-finalists.

Fighters will then be intensively trained to perfect the physical and mental skills needed to succeed in the octagon before the semi-final show, where the last two men will go head-to-head centre-stage at the Cage Rage Contenders event live on Nuts TV Saturday 1st November and the winner crowned Fighting Hurts Champion 2008.

Online applications close 5th August 2008, simply apply at now!

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