JBL’s New Drink, Update On Tropical Storm in Miami

by Al M. on 18th August 2008

This Wednesday, CEO of Layfield Energy and WWE Superstar John “Bradshaw” Layfield, along
with Houston’s Innovative Beverage Group, will introduce Drank “anti-energy” beverage to New
York City. Layfield told WWE.com,“Drank is an extension of Layfield Energy’s
other beverages Mamajuana Extreme and 418.”

The former WWE Champion added, “This is the first ‘anti-energy’ drink for New Yorkers or anyone
who needs to calm down after a hectic day. Of course, nobody is as busy as the self-made
millionaire and WWE main eventer, JBL.”

More information on Drank and Layfield Energy’s other products can be found at the

Drank Beverage.com

Storm in Miami:
I just wanted to let you guys know, If you havent heard my area is about it be hit by a Tropical Storm and
soon to be Hurricane in a couple of hours. My area is begining to see the first rain bands of
the storm. So that Being said, I will be taking a couple of days off, we will most likely be loosing all
power soon, so I have to shut down my computer for safety reasons. Thank you for your concern.
I will be back as soon as the strom lets up. By the way I live in the Miami area.

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