‘You Shoot’ With Jamie Dundee

by Woody on 19th August 2008

Suppiler: www.kayfabecommentaries.com
Certificate: 18
Number of Discs: 1
Price: $20.00
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I sit down last night and watched the new you shot DVD from


kayfabecommentaries.comYou Shoot’ with Jamie
Dundee” as you know buy know I am a big fan of the kyfabecommentaries DVD’s especially the you shoot series. Honkey Tonk Man, Missy Hayatt, and Sandman have all set down and agreed to answer EVERY question asked buy the viewers. Great concept and very entertaining. The next guy on the list to sit down and take the you shoot challenge is Jamie Dundee. I never knew to much about Jamie Dundee only that his dad was Bill Dundee. I seen Jamie Dundee only one time in the old ECW and thought he was good on the mic and got great heat from the fans, I was never a big fan of his wrestling and never heard about the guy again. I know he did a shoot interview a few years ago and from what I was told it was a very good interview. I wish I could say the same about his You Shoot DVD but I cant. From the very start of this DVD Jamie has his shirt off (why I don’t know) he has one of the worst tattoo’s I have ever seen in my life (someone please tell me what it is) and is drinking beer, and by the look of him he drank a lot of beer before the DVD started. The questions roll on and Jamie tries to answer them but comes across as if he is better then everyone else. He cuts Sean off half way threw questions which pissed me off and I’m sure Sean felt the same way, he also does the same for most of the video questions. I thought this was a shame as there was some great questions asked and Jamie answered a lot of them with a simple yes or no. Now don’t get me wrong, he did answer some questions and he does “shoot” quit a bit on this DVD and if you are a fan of Jamie then you might like this DVD. We also get to see the return of ‘What’s in the bag’ but it does not go as well as the past you shoot DVDs. If you have bought this DVD and have not seen any of the other you shoot DVD’s then I hope it does not turn you off the you shoot series as the other 3 you shoot DVDs are GREAT! So if you are planning on checking out a you shoot DVD then my advice to you would be buy any of the you shoot DVDs first. I know this is not the best review but and in all I think it is still worth the price and if you have the other you shoot DVD’s then you might as well ad this to your collection. You can also request who you want for the next you shoot DVD by going to
www.kayfabecommentaries.com (VOTE NEW JACK)

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