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by Firefly on 4th August 2010

The 3rd August 2010 episode of NXT starts before the titles roll with a video recapping the events of last week’s NXT, in which Eli Cottonwood was eliminated, and he attacked some of the other Rookies.

After the titles roll, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to NXT with the WWE Pros already on the stage as we go to Matt Striker in the ring who introduces the Rookies. Striker then says that they are closer to being WWE’s next breakout star, but addressing the events of last week, he says that the Rookies are going to have to “kiss and make up” as they will be competing in a kissing contest involving Lay-Cool with shocked looks on their faces.

Entering the ring and grabbing microphones, they say that they have seen the Rookies as fighters in the ring, and they want to see a softer, sweeter side, they want to see them as lovers. Layla says that how they kiss will tell them how they are going to be as a WWE Superstar…until Michelle McCool admits that they just want to see if they’re good kissers really.

Asking if they want to kiss them, and assuring themselves that they do because they are Flawless, they go over the rules, which are kissing as long, soft, and as passionately as they choose, which they will judge them on and the winner will get a “fabulous package of prizes”.

First up is Husky Harris, where they comment on his “Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine” shirt and that though he knocked Lay-Cool off their feet last week, Michelle wants him to sweep her off her feet this time…. until they say it’s “Real Talk” and that they’ve brought in their own local expert kisser who will be the judge, introducing Loredo’s 1993 Homecoming Queen, a woman known as “Margarita”.

After he has kissed her, it’s Michael McGillicutty’s turn, followed by Lucky Cannon, “Showtime” Percy Watson, when it comes to Kaval’s turn Lay-Cool are torn about making him kiss her, so Layla kisses him but Michelle says that she was told that he still has to kiss Margarita after, so he does so. Finally, it’s Alex Riley’s turn, and he appears to be the only one who actually enjoyed it as most of the others seem disgusted afterwards, apart from Cannon who though he doesn’t seem too bothered by it, doesn’t look happy either.

Asking Magarita to whisper the name of the best kisser in Lay-Cool’s ears, they announce that the winner is Lucky Cannon – and that the prizes are actually for all of the Rookies. They say that the prizes are Tonsillitis, Gingivitis, Halitosis, Athlete’s Foot, and Cooties, causing Kaval to look ill, and rather oddly, Riley to try to go back for some more, until Cannon pushes him back, with Cole ending with a poor pun, saying that the Rookies are “wasting away in Margaritaville”.

Next, we have a rematch from last week between Kaval and Harris, with their Pros at ringside, which Harris wins after a Senton-Backsplash.

After a video clip of The Miz commenting on McGillicutty, we go backstage to Ashley Valence who interviews McGillicutty and his Pro, Kofi Kingston. She asks McGillicutty what makes The Miz’s comments about him different than the criticism that he’s likely heard before, to which he says that The Miz knows nothing about him, and for him to sit behind a camera and call him mediocre is pathetic, which is why he’s challenging him to a match tonight where they’ll prove who is mediocre.

Cannon with his Pro, Mark Henry comes in then, saying that he he respects that, but he’s got his own issue with The Miz and he wants to settle it tonight, causing them both to argue about it until The Miz intervenes and suggests that they fight each other, then maybe (just maybe) the winner can take him on.

Kingston interrupts then saying that The Miz likes to talk a lot, but maybe this time he should put his money where his mouth is, with Cannon facing McGillicutty, with the winner of that match then facing him later on tonight, goading him into accepting.

Out in the ring, the match between Cannon and McGillicutty is now, though before it starts we see a video recapping the events of two weeks ago involving Cannon and The Miz. The match ends with McGillicutty getting the 3-count after hitting a Swing-Neckbreaker.

After some hype for the matches at SummerSlam, we go to the stage where Striker asks the Pros who they think is doing the best job. Kingston is first, and says that though he does hate The Miz, he would have to say Lay-Cool, chastising them for making Kaval come out in a pink shirt.

Lay-Cool are next and say that it’s Kingston, as the WWE Universe loves Kaval’s pink shirt. Henry says that the worst Pro is the one who’s Rookie was the first elimination, Zack Ryder. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes says the man whose Intercontinental title he will be taking soon, Kofi Kingston. Before Zack Ryder can say anything, The Miz says that all of the other Pros are the worst – until Morrison interrupts and they both get into an argument before Miz settles it saying that he (himself) is Awesome.

Now, Riley takes on Watson, with a video showing of Watson giving his thoughts on Riley from WWE.com as Watson makes his way toe the ring. The match ends with Riley picking up the victory after hitting the You’re Dismissed.

Next, McGillicutty takes on The Miz, losing thanks to a Skull-Crushing Finale from The Miz. Aftewards, Cole and Mathews tell us that the next Poll and elimination will take place next week, as NXT goes off the air.

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