SD Fusion: Mysterio Innocent?

by Firefly on 7th August 2010

The 6th August 2010 episode of Friday Night SmackDown! starts after the titles roll with Rey Mysterio making his way to the ring and grabbing a microphone. During clips of the events of the end of last week’s SmackDown! as well as one of The Undertaker and one of a casket, Mysterio says that he saw his life flash before his eyes when he was Chokeslammed into the water, and though he’s gone through a lot of things in his life, he hasn’t been accused of something he hasn’t done.

He says that he had nothing to do with what happened to The Undertaker, but says that he knows who did – before he can say any more however, Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he comes to the ring and grabs a microphone.

McIntyre tells Mysterio that where he comes from, there is a name for people who hide behind masks and lurk in the shadows, trying to gain the trust of the masses, he says that they’re called criminals, and though Mysterio pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes for decades, the truth has finally come out.

He says that Mysterio is supposed to be a hero, but asks if a hero would do nothing when CM Punk was falsely accused and had his arm injured, and when Jack Swagger was falsely accused, having to watch his father get hospitalised in front of his eyes – Mysterio says that neither of those were any of his business.

McIntyre says that he admires what Mysterio did and wishes that he’d took out The Undertaker himself, but he says that there is a difference between them, he’d have done it alone, but Mysterio obviously needed help, citing his own attack on Christian last week as an example.

He says that after that match, he had an idea, and when pushed by Mysterio for an answer, he says that his idea was to do the exact same to Mysterio tonight, he says that he’s already spoken to Teddy Long and he’s ready to make it official if Mysterio agrees – after goading each other, Mysterio accepts.

Now, Matt Hardy takes on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. The match ends with a win for Rhodes after he hits Cross-Rhodes for the 3-count, showing a trailer for “Legendary” starring John Cena afterwards, followed by a video promo of Alberto Del Rio.

Going backstage, Lay-Cool unsuccessfully try to convince Teddy Long to let them keep both titles, Michelle handing over hers, but after he says that they still have to decide which of them is the Women’s Champion.

This prompts an argument between them both which ends in Layla’s title breaking in half, but Lay-Cool are happy about this as it means that they can have half each as it still only counts as one title.

Back out to the ring, after Vickie Guerrero introduces Dolph Ziggler as her boyfriend and future Intercontinental Champion, Ziggler takes on Kofi Kingston for the Intercontintental Championship. The match ends with a Zig-Zag and the 3-count, making Ziggler the new champion.

Afterwards, Kingston goes crazy and attacks Ziggler, slamming him onto the announce table, then launching him several times head-first into the steel ring steps, before he finally leaves.

Next up, CM Punk and the Straight-Edge Society make their way to the ring, and Punk grabs a microphone. He says that he has accomplished many things in his life, which people in the crowd could not attain or understand, such as sobriety, becoming the first and only three-time Straight-Edge World Heavyweight Champion and winning back-to-back Money In The Bank matches at WrestleMania.

He says that he’s never been more proud than last week when the Society toppled the giant of the WWE Universe, The Big Show, asking for the footage to be rolled. When it is he asks for it to be paused at the point where he says that he broke the dorsal side of the right wrist of The Big Show and because of him, The Big Show has two severed tendons in his hand and it’s a fifty-fifty chance as to whether The Big Show will be at SummerSlam.

The Straight-Edge Society are happy at what they’ve accomplished, but Punk says that he doesn’t remember telling any of them that they could be happy, telling them to get on their knees, he says that he’s come to learn that their happiness is weakness, so they let him down and they might was well be falling off the wagon.

He says that he will not tolerate them slipping and falling off the wagon, because if they do they might as well pack their bags, making them stand up he says that from now on they will better than everybody, and they will be happy when he says that they can be happy, saying that satisfaction is the death of desire.

Now, Punk, Joseph Mercury, and Luke Gallows (with Serena at ringside) take on MVP, Chris Masters, and JTG in a Six-Man Tag Team match. Gallows wins the match for his team with a boot to the face of MVP after one to the back of the head by Punk when he went to bounce off the ropes.

After they celebrate in the ring, we have a “Dashing” Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips video – this week on eyebrows. Afterwards, we have a Raw Rebound video of the events of this week’s Raw (click here for our Raw Report).

Now, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker hype the matches to take place at SummerSlam, followed by going backstage where Kane speaks, addressing Mysterio. Kane says that he could smell his fear, that the putrid stench of lies is turning his stomach, he saw it in his eyes before he Chokeslammed him into the water last week.

He says that the casket strikes a dread so ominous in Mysterio’s soul that soon there will be nothing left to fight, but Kane will find a way, he says that his vengeance will revive Mysterio from a paralysed state of horror, only to be destroyed as he stuffs him into the casket and the darkness consumes him forever.

Next up, Mysterio faces McIntyre in a one-on-one match. The match ends with Mysterio getting the victory after rolling up McIntyre for the 3-count. Afterwards, Mysterio grabs a microphone and is about to say something, but Kane’s pyro goes off, and he makes his way to the ring pushing a casket as his music plays.

Kane opens the casket and gets in the ring, taking a few steps towards Mysterio who gets hit behind by McIntyre (who quickly bails out when Kane looks at him), and when Mysterio looks up at Kane standing in front of him, he quickly backs off out of the ring, almost into the casket, before running up to the stage.

Once there, he says that he didn’t take out The Undertaker – that it was Kane. As the crowd chants “It was Kane”, Kane vehemetely denies it in the ring as SmackDown! goes off the air.

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