DDP Interview, Hogan Now Shows an Event!

by Al M. on 23rd August 2008

— News-JournalOnline.com has an interview with Diamond Dallas Page. He talks about
his flourishing yoga business, his top wrestling moment, who he likes watching in WWE,
the Undertaker-Sara stalker storyline (“I never would have done that. It was never supposed
to be like that. It was stupid planning by me. I should have seen that. If I’m the heel, and he
doesn’t sell, it doesn’t get over. It was a stage in my career. Taker’s a great worker. I wish to
God he gave me one-third of what he gives Edge.”), Chris Benoit, and more. You can read
the interview at this link.

— The same article on Diamond Dallas Page has a note on Hulk Hogan no-showing the Florida
Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony for its 2007 and 2008 members this past Saturday.
Hogan wasn’t advertised to appear, but was invited. Hogan’s publicist said Hogan had a
conflict, which made him unable to attend the event.


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