NYC Block Closed Due to Fans, WWE Project Cancelled

by Chris Gorst on 25th August 2008 is reporting that the police had to close off an entire NYC block following Saturday night’s Raw brand house show due to fans waiting outside of the building for the wrestlers to leave. I was walking by the area on 33rd Street between 8 and 9 avenues that night and the block was indeed full of people. I assumed it was people simply leaving the venue, but apparently it remained that way for quite some time as fans waited to get autographs.

WWE has apparently cancelled the previously planned WCW Starrcade DVD set, which was set for release sometime this year. A few months ago, he pre-ordered the “Best of Starrcade” DVD from FYE (originally scheduled for release on July 8), but received an email notification from FYE telling him that his order had been cancelled. On the product page on, they’re saying that the project “has been discontinued by the manufacturer.”

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