NXT Fusion: Power Of The Punch

by Firefly on 11th August 2010

The 10th August 2010 episode of NXT starts out before the titles roll with Michael Cole and Josh Mathews demonstrating the new Rookie challenge “The Power of the Punch”, to which Cole is dressed and acting over the top and looking a little ridiculous before he takes his shot, scoring 728, but Mathews beats him with a score of 806.

After the titles roll, the Pros and remaining Rookies are introduced, except for Pro Mark Henry who Matt Striker says is injured because of the attack at the hands of The Nexus on Raw (click here for our Raw report). Striker says that a new NXT Poll will be revealed as people have been voting all week on WWE.com, the Pros will cast their votes for who they think is one step closer to becoming WWE’s next breakout star, and in three weeks the Season Finale of NXT will take place.

Introducing the “Power of the Punch” challenge to the Rookies, saying that the winner will get an individual appearance on Monday Night Raw, Michael McGillicutty is the first up, getting 863. Kaval is next, hitting a kick instead, only getting 297 but is disqualified anyway because it’s supposed to be a punch.

Next to take their turn is Percy Watson, hitting 716, followed by Lucky Cannon who hits 744, Husky Harris who hits 380, and finally Alex Riley who wins with a score of 898. When Striker asks him if there was any strategy, Riley replies that there is no strategy when you’re Alex Riley, and he’s the best athlete out there, and though The Miz is a reality TV star, he is a star in reality.

Now, we have a video recapping the events during the break between The Miz and John Morrison, wherein The Miz wanted to hear Morrison ask him to join – Morrison refused and challenged The Miz to a match which he accepted, Morrison saying that he would prove why Team WWE doesn’t need The Miz.

Next up, we have a return match from Raw, with Kaval, Percy Watson and Lucky Cannon taking on Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, and Alex Riley in a 6-Man Tag team match, with Kaval getting the win after hitting the Warrior’s Way on McGillicutty.

Now, we have a video recapping the events between Team WWE and The Nexus on Raw, followed by Mathews revealing that it is unlikely that Khali will be able to compete at SummerSlam, with him and Cole then hyping the matches to take place at SummerSlam.

Next up, The Miz takes on John Morrison, with The Miz getting the victory after hitting Morrison with the Skull-Crushing Finale for the 3-count.

Now it’s time to find out the results of the NXT Poll, and theefore who will be eliminated – before we do, Striker asks the Rookies who should be eliminated.

McGillicutty says Cannon, saying that if his shirt says that he is lucky to be there, he should just go home. Kaval is asked next and also picks Cannon, saying that it’s about making an impact but Cannon hasn’t. Watson doesn’t want to give a definitive answer, but when pushed to by Striker, he says Riley, citing the reason as him talking too much.

Cannon says that anybody standing there except himself should be eliminated, he says that nobody wants it and has put more in than him. Harris says Cannon, saying that he hasn’t even won a match. When it comes to Riley’s turn he says that other than Striker because he’s tired of his stupid questions and thinks he’s a nerd (causing both Cole and Mathews to laugh), he says that McGillicutty should be eliminated because Riley will win NXT, so he should get ready.

The results of the Poll are revealed, with Kaval in first place, McGillicutty in second, Watson in third, Husky in fourth, Riley in fifth, and Cannon in sixth, causing him to be eliminated. Afterwards when asked for his thoughts on Kaval and his parting words to the WWE Universe, he says for the former he’s not going to go there, but for the latter he’s not going to do what everyone thinks he will do and flip out, but he asks (sarcastically) if the WWE Universe has enjoyed NXT Season 2 as much as he has, saying that there’s been a giant rambling on about a mustache trying to intimidate people, Harris running through walls, a cheap imitation of Eddie Murphy (Watson), and a 9-Year Old boy who sounds like Barry White (Kaval).

Afterwards, Striker asks Riley if he thinks there is something with his in-ring style or attitude that disconnects him from the WWE Universe and what he’s going to do to change it before it’s too late. Riley says that two weeks ago he said that he’s not here to cater to the WWE Universe and that he won’t change who he is to do that, he says he’s still trying to figure out how in one week he went from number three, to number five, when the only thing they were evaluated on was kissing Margaritas, which he thought he gave one hell of an effort.

He says that he will prove in the next three weeks, and next week when people turn into Monday Night Raw, that he will win this contest and one day become a WWE Champion. Afterwards, Striker reveals the next week there will be a double elimination, with worldwide voting opening tomorrow (11th) at Noon Eastern Time, as NXT goes off the air.

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