Complete TNA Impact Taping Results (SPOILERS)

by Chris Gorst on 26th August 2008

Credit: Alex Hernandez and


– Awesome Kong defeated Josie. ODB attacked Kong after the match and they brawled until refs separated them.

– Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal defeated Petey Williams and Sheik Abdul Bashir. There was miscommunication between Petey Williams and Sheik Abdul Bashir, they argued after the match.

– Curry Man defeated Jimmy Rave. After the match The Rock and Rave Infection beat down Curry Man until the Prince Justice Brotherhood made the save.

– In a Four Ways to Glory Qualifying Match, Kurt Angle defeated Kevin Nash. Joe and Nash had words during the match, which led to Nash losing. They argued after the match and Nash walked out.

– The Beautiful People defeated Roxxi and Taylor Wilde. Velvet Sky used the can of hair spray, which blinded Roxxi and allowed the beautiful People to win. After the match, Kip James paper bagged Roxxi and threatened to cut Wilde’s hair until Rhino made the save.

– Sting came to the ring and cut a promo to explain his actions. He explained that the young stars don’t have respect, so he is going to show them what respect is. He got involved in Joe’s match with Booker because Joe simply could have defeated Booker, but he took it too far and then he disrespected a legend when he flipped Sting off. Sting said he used to see Joe as the future of TNA, but not when he does things like that. Sting says Ric Flair showed him respect when he was young, and then calls out any only the youngsters that have a problem with him. AJ Styles then came to the ring, and Sting says Styles disrespected him by calling him a coward and also says that he took his match with Kurt Angle too far. AJ explains that he helped build TNA since day one, and Sting then offers AJ his bat and turns his back on AJ. AJ takes the bat, turns Sting around to face him but Sting counters with the scorpion death drop. Jeff Jarrett’s music then played as the segment ends.

-Beer Money defeated Shark Boy and Super Eric. LAX attacked after the match, Homicide is now wearing an eye patch to sell the injury.

– Team 3D and Johnny Devine called out Abyss for being soft. This led to Abyss coming to the ring, them attacking him and Matt Morgan making the save.

-ODB defeated Riesha Saeed. ODB pulled off Saeed’s mask backstage and held it up to the crowd, but Kong attacked her and laid her out.

-Kevin Nash cuts a promo and explains to Joe that he isn’t ready for his PPV match. He books him in a match with Johnny Devine and Lance Rock, who Joe defeats quickly. Nash then announces Joe’s third opponent, TOMKO. Joe eventually defeats him.

-Rhino defeated Sonjay Dutt

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