Whatever happened to logical booking?

by Chris Gorst on 26th August 2008

Watching WWE RAW, and as the opening match was announced, I wondered, haven’t we seen this all before? CM Punk vs JBL. A Summerslam rematch, 8 days later, and both men are involved in one of the 3 Championship Scramble matches, yes, a so called “original” is already a diluted shell of itself, and we’ve not even gotten to Unforgiven yet. You see, my point here is JBL is in the RAW Championship Scramble for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now answer me, why is he in this match? What has JBL done to be given chance after chance after chance? Infact, lets look at their history

RAW – July 30th 2008: CM Punk defeated JBL to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
RAW – August 4th 2008: JBL defeated CM Punk in a handicap match
RAW – August 11th 2008: JBL’s Challenge
Summerslam – August 17th 2008: CM Punk defeated JBL to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
RAW – August 25th 2008: CM Punk defeated JBL

CM Punk in all matches with JBL is 3-1, and each of them have ended via pinfall. So, to me at least, that moves JBL away from title scene, at least logically since JBL has absolutely no momentum. He’s not won a match in almost a month, so why again is he challenging for the title. How did he get involved in the title scene anyway? He challenged Punk the night he won the title, lost and refused to piss off.

Now some people might enjoy JBL, but honestly, what is it that people like? His promos bore me, his matches are almost identical to the matches he put on in 2001 (and I should know, I watched a few RAW’s and SmackDown!’s from the invasion angle a couple of nights ago) and he is a jobber to the stars. Honestly, I took 3 weeks away from WWE, come back and saw pretty much the same stuff I saw back then. Kane vs Batista? CM Punk vs JBL? The only thing that has changed is the Womens and Intercontinental champions.

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