DVD Review: YouShoot LIVE with Dixie Carter

by Firefly on 11th August 2010

A few months ago, Kayfabe Commentaries in conjunction with Legends Of The Ring held an event called YouShoot LIVE, interviewing TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter with questions coming from a variety of sources.

Recently released on DVD, the event starts out with questions about Dixie – from whether she got tired about jokes with the late singer of the same name, to her familiarity with the wrestling business before TNA, as well as what she was a fan of and what motivated her to get into the wrestling business.

Things move on from interesting questions like how she would explain pro wrestling to someone unfamiliar with it, to asking about TNA’s mission statement, organisational structure, and more, with also video questions by a couple of people acting over the top and looking rather odd in masks.

Dixie answers some questions for a couple of members from the wrestling media who were present at the event, one being Brady Hicks representing the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, the other being Bill Apter, with questions from regular fans in attendance also being peppered throughout the event.

Later, one of the most common questions people tend to ask (whether inside or outside the wrestling business) about TNA, is asked of Dixie via a video question from Jim Cornette, who emphasises that he was appointed by Kayfabe Commentaries to ask it, that question being why they employ Vince Russo and why they’ve entrusted their creative direction to him for as long as they have.

This expands into Dixie answering various questions from people in regards to the creative direction of TNA, including who has input, and what the positions of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are in the company as well as who the report to.

Things move on to discussion on TNA’s drug policy, health of the performers, Dixie meeting with politicians to answer questions regarding drugs in the wrestling business.

Next, Dixie answers a spate of questions comparing TNA to WCW, with host Sean Oliver asking all the questions at once, acting exhausted from the energy exerted on doing so.

Things move on to questions regarding talent, from why Team Canada was disbanded, to what talent Dixie would like to have in TNA that is currently in WWE, whether she has had talks with various wrestlers such as Goldberg, whose idea it was for the match between the Rocky cutout against Mick Foley (which host Sean Oliver asks if they said whether they saw it on Kayfabe Commentaries’ show), originals in TNA from the beginning, and new faces.

Overall, it’s a very interesting interview, gaining insight at where she looks to be taking TNA, how decisions get made, and what things she tends to focus on to gauge what is working for TNA and what isn’t.

Also included on the DVD are trailers for some other KC productions, YouShoot with Maria Kanellis, Guest Booker with Jim Cornette, Kevin Sullivan and The End of WCW, Inside the Office with Rene Goulet, and one for KC’s Heat-Wear clothing line.

You can buy the YouShoot Live DVD for $20 plus Postage from the Kayfabe Commentaries’ site, though please note that buyers outside the United States may be subject to a higher Postage rate.

Trailers of the DVD can be found below:

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