WWE 2009 PPV’s Given Little Time To Build?

by Chris Gorst on 30th August 2008

Royal Rumble will be 1/25, leaving only a three-week build for No Way Out. No Way Out had done poorly in the past until they did the double Elimination Chamber match this year. To me, the idea of each brand’s Mania main event being determined with, first, the Rumble, and the brand that doesn’t have its wrestler win the Rumble being determined in an annual Elimination Chamber match sounds to me like what would be a good annual winning formula. Wrestlemania is 4/5 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, with Backlash coming on 4/26 with a three-week build. Unless they’ve got something really hot coming out of Mania, that would be rushing it, but with Judgment Day on 5/17, One Night Stand on 6/7 and Night of Champions on 6/28, you have constant three weeks between shows. Any movement of a date would mean an even worse two-week build. Great American Bash and SummerSlam are at four-week intervals on 7/26 and 8/23, before Unforgiven on 9/13 as a three-week build.

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