Mick Foley/TNA, Chris Benoit, Angle and RAW Rating News

by Chris Gorst on 31st August 2008

In a recent interview, Mick Foley was asked about leaving WWE for TNA. He said he didn’t know where those rumors came from. Then, when asked point blank if he has signed a deal with TNA, Foley said he had not but that he may “try out a PPV with them.” Foley’s WWE deal expires in a few days. Obviously the reason he has NOT signed a contract with TNA yet is because his WWE deal doesn’t expire until tomorrow and he’s not able to do so until then.

E! Canada will be airing “True Hollywood Story: Chris Benoit – Wrestling With Demons” this Wednesday, September 3rd, at 10 PM.

Just a heads up about the low Raw number. Comcast in Pittsburgh does not carry Sci-Fi on their regular cable tier. You have to pay extra for it. I’m sure that might be the case elsewhere as well, so that has to be factored in.

As noted last week Kurt Angle has been training twice a week in “closed door” sessions at the Pittsburgh Fight Club.

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