Jake The Snake Roberts Comments on Cena’s Injury

by Al M. on 31st August 2008

Injury to Cena

Let me share with you my thoughts and speculations on why, how, and what is occurring
with most of those injured. When the expectations are so high and the available qualified
talent pool is so low, there will be those put into positions not ready to perform at the
level presented. The product demands are so high and the talent unable to get the ring time to
hone their skills that many are thrust into action whom aren’t ready. When I say ready, it has
nothing to do with physical prowess as the athletes today are in much better shape than those
of yesteryear. It has to do with ability to deliver a psychological performance that entices the fan
to buy and accept those in the ring.

All the athletes today can do moves not even imagine, dreamed, or CONSIDERED by those in the
past. But consider this, we did not need to risk, chance injury to our opponent, or believe that
a move made a match.

Those out there today chance crippling themselves and opponent with the thought that
unbelievable move will make the match. At least that was it early on. But now they are sure
that it will take several career and life risking moves that will get them the gold star of
approval. Stated as plain as I can say it, it doesn’t take a great wrestler to jump 20 foot off of
a cage onto a table. It takes a complete idiot. Nor one to get a hit a baseball bat wrapped
with barbed wire, jump off ladder, or from the top rope to the floor, and so on and so

The short cut may get you to the finish line or a position wanted, but it won’t keep you there.
At some point, you must DELIVER as you can only top crap with more crap, for so long. Once
exposed as crap or seen through as an idiotic stuntman, the trip down the ladder will be quick
and unrelentless.

Bottom line, when you can no longer top your last death defying leap to purgatory, you’ll be
tossed to the side. If you think you’re the only one who would risk crippling themselves for a shot
at the big dance, you are a fool.

Don’t be foolish and think should an accident (there aren’t accidents) happen, they will find
a different pony to run the race. Fact is more serious injuries have occurred in the last 15 years
than in the previous 100 years. I’d guarantee it. Are the wrestlers today better than those of
years gone by? Hell, no. It is a shame that none of the stars today will last unless they learn how
to perform and capture people’s imagination emotionally, not visually. That is where you separate
the cream from the crap. Learn your business before you try to take the bull by the horns.
Example, would you do heart surgery on your Mother while in the first year of medical

I watch today and see all of the blocked shots, misses, and unsuspected moves and I cringe.
Learn your art, men and women. Sad to say but those day probably won’t survive long enough
to learn.


Thanks to Jake the Snake Roberts MySpace Blog.

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