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by Chris Gorst on 1st September 2008

Former WWE star Damian Demento is planning on taking legal action against World Wrestling Entertainment. Oh Boy. The company poked fun at his former character in the latest edition of WWE Magazine, which has greatly upset him. He feels that WWE shouldn’t be able to humiliate and embarrass him as he’s several years removed from the wrestling business and is now a civilian. He says it’s causing stress to him, his family and friends. He posted a video on YouTube regarding the situation, which you can view at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22SBnumAqz0. He wrote: “Once again the WWE humiliates me in their upcoming 2008 October magazine issue. I’m 16 years removed from working with them and still they post my picture in the gimmick I made and continue to insult me. I’m not sitting back any longer, so I’m taking legal action against the WWE, WWE Magazine, and Vince McMahon. No joke this time.” Note from Chris Gorst: I’d love to see him win for some reason. And I’m not going to use the same line 2 other sites have done (about Lionel Hutz) since other sites seem to disagree with copying yet do so themselves.Joey Styles’ profile on WWE.com can now be found in the WWE Alumni section.

Mick Foley has been completely removed from WWE.com (which if sources are correct and his contract expires today makes sense).

The death of Killer Kowalski was picked up by the Associated Press yesterday and was thus in most newspapers across the country today.

Kazarian has a blog entry up about the death of Killer Kowalski at http://blog.myspace.com/thekazarian.

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