Kurt Angle still interested in doing at least one MMA fight.

by Woody on 2nd September 2008

Setana Sports has spoken to Eric Hibler who is one of the trainers at the Pittsburgh Fight Club in Angle’s hometown in Pittsburgh PA and he tells Setana that Kurt has been training and would like to have at least one MMA Fight before he is unable to:

“Kurt is an international superstar with a very busy schedule. When Kurt is in town he does train here,” Hibler revealed.

“He’s very low profile and easy to talk to. Everyone likes him and he’s the man when it comes to fired-up hard workouts.”

“Kurt is an amazing open-minded individual and his ability to focus on a task is world class, no matter what we are working on. However, MMA even though it relates, is very different from wrestling.

“Kurt must relearn strategy and tactics for better game play with real fighting. On the other hand, Kurt is a trainer’s dream. He was born to train and compete.

“For now, his wrestling gives him excellent penetration ability for takedown transitions and a strong ground sense to help his positioning for ground-and-pound and submission set-ups.”

“Kurt’s planning to participate in at least one MMA fight when he gets the right offer.

“To date he has not signed with any fight promotion.”

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