Disgruntled TNA Wrestler Turns To Twitter?

by Firefly on 11th August 2010

A person claiming to be a disgruntled wrestler for TNA is tweeting under the name @realHulk_Hogan. They say their reason for doing so is because they don’t get listened to in private and that they are not allowed to step on anyone’s toes backstage, so they hope that this way will be able to get their voices heard in public, as they say AJ Styles got ridiculed for speaking up for them, but if it had been anyone else that said it, they would have been fired.

They say that doing it in this way also means that they are anonymous, so it doesn’t jeopardise their job in TNA, as they obviously still need to be able to provide for their family, but they say that they will reveal their identity if Dixie Carter doesn’t call for a meeting and admit her mistakes, as they along with the others who they say they also represent, will walk out.

At first, the person using the Twitter was claiming to be Hulk Hogan, and both Eric Bischoff and Bubba The Love Sponge confirmed that it was him, until later on when the Tweeter revealed that they had fooled both Bischoff and Bubba.

Only time will tell whether the person is indeed a wrestler for TNA, but if they are and the accusations that they are making are the truth, it can’t bode well for TNA’s credibility.

Update: Stating that TNA is now investigating the Twitter account, they have stopped tweeting with that and say that from now on they will be tweeting from @TNAnonymous.

Update 2: Our latest (and likely last) post on the subject – Anonymous Tweeter a Hoax, Nothing more to see?

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