Indy News: Savio Vega and Mikey(Spirit Squad Memeber) To Appear on Same Indy Show

by Al M. on 5th September 2008

Bruce Santee vs. Savio Vega(Heavyweight Title)

Maximum Capacity vs. Former Spirit Squad member Mikey

Tommy Vandal vs. Johnny Vandal (Caribbean Title – Ladder Match)

Loggers vs. Heartbreak Express (Tag Team Titles)

Chris Jones vs. Dantastic (Cruiserweight Title)

Falcon vs. Fabulous Frank

Sammie Joe vs. Lou Cypher

Lifgeuards vs. Dark City Fight Club

Kimberly vs. Kellie

Francisco Ciatso vs. Jerrelle Clark(If Ciatso loses, Amy Vitale must become Tito Puente Jr.’s
personal assistant for 30 days)

6 man tag featuring team captains Craig Classic and Jaison Moore

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