Raw Fusion: Fraternising & Resigning

by Firefly on 24th October 2012

The 22nd October 2012 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a bang, as Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara take on “Team Rhodes Scholars” Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow to determine the Number One Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The match sees Rhodes get the victory for his team to face “Team Hell No” at Hell In A Cell, when he hits Mysterio with Cross-Rhodes for the 3-count. Afterwards, “Team Hell No” Kane and Daniel Bryan appear on the titantron, where they congratulate the winners and tell them that they won’t win the titles at Hell In A Cell, but Kane wants to perform a little magic, as he hides Daniel Bryan behind him and then sets off his pyro.

After photos of WWE in Egypt, a video recapping the match between The Miz and Kofi Kingston last week, and the Intercontinental Championship match between The Miz and Kofi Kingston on Main Event, The Miz joins commentary as Kofi Kingston is pitted against Michael McGillicutty in a match which sees Kingston get the victory, when he hits McGillicutty with Trouble In Paradise for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the events of last week involving Vince McMahon, CM Punk (with Paul Heyman), John Cena, and Ryback, John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, where he talks about how Hell In A Cell is not a normal Pay-Per-View.

He says that the WWE Universe will find out on Sunday that CM Punk is a man who tells the truth, that Punk is a man who has been the WWE Champion for 337 days, but that the most truthful thing that Punk ever said was before he became the WWE Champion, as he was a visionary and his vision was change.

Cena says that on Sunday at Hell In A Cell, we will see change. He says that change is 6′ 3”, 291lbs, and when “change” steps into the ring, the only thing he will hear is “Feed Me More”. He says that Ryback is not an individual who will talk about an unimaginable brass ring or complain about a conspiracy, or even promise a revolution and ice cream bars, but that Ryback stands for one thing – destruction.

He says that on Sunday, the face of the WWE will change, and he is interrupted from saying anything further by CM Punk’s music hitting, and him making his way out to the stage with Paul Heyman.

CM Punk says that it is laughable that John Cena wants change, as he has been the WWE Champion for 337 days, which means that Cena hasn’t been champion for a lot longer, which is change that the fans can count on.

He says that he is the Best In The World, and that Cena can come out and speak for Ryback all he wants, but that everybody knows that when Punk makes a promise, he keeps it. As a result, Punk says that he promises to be walk out of Hell In A Cell still as the WWE Champion.

Punk says that he likes Cena’s new position as a cheerleader, as Cena has finally realised what Punk already knew, that Cena can’t beat him. Cena says that he wanted to come out and tell the crowd about how excited he is about Sunday.

John Cena says that it isn’t that he can’t beat CM Punk, but rather that he wasn’t allowed to do so, but on that note, he is now officially medically cleared. He says that Punk already has a match for the title at the Pay-Per-View, and he isn’t going to mess with that, but he would like to mess with Punk’s face right here and right now.

Cena invites Punk to the ring and says that he will give him a pre ass-whipping to the real ass-whipping, and although it looks like Punk is going to go ahead and enter the ring, he then climbs back down from the apron and backs away up the ramp with the WWE Championship held aloft.

After pointing out AJ’s earlier tweet about being called to an emergency meeting with the WWE Board of Directors, Antonio Cesaro goes against Justin Gabriel, but before the match takes place, Cesaro has something to say apparently in Swiss. The match sees Gabriel get the victory, when he hits Cesaro with the 450-Splash for the 3-count.

Next up, Vince McMahon and AJ arrive and head to the ring, where McMahon says that the subject of the earlier meeting with the WWE Board of Directors was AJ’s tenure as General Manager of Raw, and he hands things over to AJ to describe the outcome in her own words.

AJ says that due to allegations of her fraternising with a Superstar on the roster, she is resigning as the General Manager or Raw. She says that the allegations are completely false, but that she understands that she could have been fired a long time ago, such as when she attacked Vickie Guerrero or Paul Heyman, or when she made some unpopular decisions, so this is why she agreed when she was asked to resign.

She says that she understands that a lot of her decisions may have been unorthodox, and that some may consider her to be mentally unstable, she thinks that some people just like a crazy chick, which prompts a “Yes” chant from the crowd.

AJ says that she knows that this is coming to an end much sooner than she wanted it to, she has come so far from where she was before. She says that she grew up fifteen minutes away, and that she doesn’t know if the fans know her story, but that she grew up with nothing, and has lived in cars and motels, and has gone from being homeless to the boss.

She says that she always thought that she was going to be the little poor girl who never made anything of her life, but the fans accepted her, so she thanks the fans for everything as she has loved every second of the job, and she also thanks McMahon for the opportunity that nobody else would have given her, as she then hugs him.

Paul Heyman makes his way out to the ring, where he says that he is sure that he speaks for everybody when he says that he was unaware of AJ’s touching life story. He says that AJ rose above the fact that she was born and bred a Jersey girl, but he says that business is business.

In the name of business, he says that there needs to be a new General Manager of Monday Night Raw, which the WWE Board of Directors would need to name straight away and McMahon sign off on as the chairman, so he suggests that someone with class, education, dignity, and ruthless aggression, as he then suggests that he should be that new General Manager.

Vince McMahon’s response is simple, learning towards Heyman and telling him “No”. McMahon introduces someone who he says is not the General Manager or Interim General Manager, but is instead the Managing Supervisor of Monday Night Raw – Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie makes her way to the ring, where she thanks the WWE Board of Directors for giving her this opportunity, as she says that she is so touched that the Board values her expertise. Heyman says that now Vickie is in a position of power, it is time for her to make her first decision, which he suggests should be a momentous one.

He says that if he knew that Vickie was in the running, he would not have offered himself as a candidate and instead supported Vickie by giving her his vote of confidence, as he suggests that Vickie undo the damage that McMahon did when he gave CM Punk an option to choose his opponent, and then stripped Punk of the option and named Ryback as the opponent.

Vickie says that Punk will still be facing Ryback at Hell In A Cell, but that there is even more good news for Heyman, as she is going to show him and everyone else that she is going to do things bigger and better than Booker T on SmackDown!, as the main event will be Champion vs. Champion, with Sheamus facing CM Punk in the largest Lumberjack match in the history of Raw.

Turning her attention to AJ, she says that she knew all along that she was wrong for the job, as she is not suited for a role of authority. Vickie says that she herself is mature, wise, and has the experience to run Monday Night Raw.

As for the allegations towards AJ, she says that they are not only of fraternising with a talent, but of having an affair. Vickie says that AJ disgusts her, and directs AJ to go backstage and pack up her Barbies and little dolls, and to get out as due to this being Vickie’s ring now, AJ needs to leave.

AJ does indeed start to leave, but she pauses for a while and a smile slowly grows on her face for a moment as she then turns around and attacks Vickie. Vickie’s attempts to turn things around don’t work for long, resulting in her having to bail out of the ring.

Now, Ryback takes on The Miz in a match which sees Ryback get the victory, when he hits The Miz with the Shell-Shock for the 3-count.

After an interaction backstage involving Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, and Layla, in which Eve appears to finally show her true colours, and Josh Mathews interviewing Sheamus about his match later on against CM Punk, which sees an interruption by The Big Show, Daniel Bryan is pitted against Dolph Ziggler in a match which sees Kane makes his way to ringside during the match, and which also sees Ziggler get the victory when he takes advantage of Bryan being distracted by Kane, hitting Bryan with a Zig-Zag from the second rope for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Kane and Daniel Bryan argue with each other in the ring until they are interrupted by Matt Striker, who says that he was asked by Vickie Guerrero to come out and tell them that they will be competing in a therapeutic game show called the “Newly-Tag” game which he has to host, with the opponents being “Team Rhodes Scholars” Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow.

Rhodes and Sandow aren’t happy about being involved in such “tomfoolery”, and they say that they will not be a part of such foolishness, but that Kane and Daniel Bryan will get to know them as much as they know each other, when “Team Rhodes Scholars” beat “Team Hell No” on Sunday at Hell In A Cell for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Kane points out to Striker that the game show is a bust, prompting Striker to announce Kane and Bryan as the winners of the game as a result of a forfeit. Apparently Bryan doesn’t care about the method or that it was an odd game show, as he then celebrates the victory.

When Kane stands up and starts to approach Matt Striker, Striker quickly exits the ring and walks up the ramp. He says that he wishes that he could say that he wishes the two men in the ring luck on Sunday, but that he honestly doesn’t.

His smug look is quickly wiped off his face however, when he backs up into The Big Show, who grabs him and throws him across the stage, before Show then continues to the ring for his scheduled match against Kane.

The match sees Show take advantage of the distraction provided by the appearance of “Team Rhodes Scholars”, when he hits Kane with the K.O Punch for the 3-count. Afterwards, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow attack Daniel Bryan, before exiting the ring once again having made another statement ahead of the WWE Tag Team Championship match at Hell In A Cell.

After an interaction backstage involving John Cena and AJ, in which it is revealed that Cena was the Superstar in question and that the incident in question was really a business dinner, and an interaction involving Cena and Vince McMahon, Alberto Del Rio takes on “Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder in a match which sees Del Rio get the victory, when he puts Ryder in the cross-armbreaker and forces him to tap out.

Afterwards, Del Rio yells at Ryder as if he is Orton, putting him back in the cross-armbreaker once more as he says that there will be a new Apex Predator at Hell In A Cell. Once he finally releases the submission hold again, he mocks Orton further by imitating his pose.

After an interaction backstage involving John Cena and Vickie Guerrero, Josh Mathews interviewing Dolph Ziggler, and an interaction backstage involving CM Punk and Paul Heyman, CM Punk is pitted against Sheamus in a Lumberjack match which sees Punk get the victory, when he takes advantage of The Big Show hitting Sheamus with a chokeslam behind the back of the referee, and pins him for the 3-count.

Punk has no time to celebrate however, because as soon as the bell rings, Ryback’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Punk attempts to bail out a few times, but he is sent back into the ring by the Lumberjacks, with Ryback standing tall in the ring after lifting Punk over his head and throwing him onto the Lumberjacks on one side of the ring.

Ryback watches Punk attempting to crawl away up the ramp, as Raw goes off the air.

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