WWE News: Matt Hardy sends Jeff Birthday Wishes!

by Al M. on 5th September 2008


On August 31st, 1977, my little baby brother was born. I want to take this opportunity to wish
Jeff a very Happy 31st Birthday! And not just due to the fact he’s my brother.. But because
Jeff Hardy is the most incredible and generous soul that I know. I’m blessed to have such a
wonderful sibling who I’ve been able to share so many of my amazing life experiences with. It’s
been absolutely fantastic being able to travel together with Jeff on the road-especially since
the Smackdown/ECW brands have been on the same schedule regularly. Since day one, we’ve
been friends, partners, and most importantly, brothers!

I’m currently in St. Louis waiting on him to get to the hotel. I wrestled with the Raw group tonight
in Peoria, Illinois, and Jeff wrestled with the Smackdown brand in Jonesboro, Arkansas. On the
way here tonight, I stopped at a gas station to fuel up. I noticed the store also sold liquor.. so.. I
got a small bottle of Jack (Jeff’s favorite shot of liquor, for those keeping tabs) to cheers my bro
on for making it thru 31 healthy and successful years.

∙Check this out.. Here’s a cool preview from THS of an old school Willow versus Surge (Jeff vs
Matt) match from 1997..

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