TNA News: Steel Cage Interviews Kevin Nash

by Al M. on 5th September 2008

AC: I know you’ve performed in your share of shows here in New York and I wanted to talk to you
a bit about that. I just attended WWE’s last house show there at the Garden and I was
thinking about how important the Garden house shows used to be. And yours was the last really
big title change at a Garden house show. What does that mean to you – to have won your first
world title at a Garden house show? Does it make it extra special?

KN: We ran the Garden once a month back in 93, 94, 95 – my first run in WWE back then. That
was our big show, because back then we didn’t have the monthly pay per views. The first year I
was there we added King of the Ring, which made it the fifth pay per view. But back then we just
had four. And the Garden show was always deemed like a very special show, and it still is by
the guys, because you’re still playing the Garden. But for me, when I sat at Vince’s house and he
told me I was going over and he told me the fashion in which I was going over and he told me it
was going to be done at a house show at the Garden. I was like… It’s one of those things, like
Bret would say, “It’s real. It’s all real.” And I’ll say to this day, you know what, everything else
I’ve done in my career might be fake, but boy there’s nothing that felt more real than that night.

Great Interview, that was just one of the questions that Nash answered want more click
here!! Thanks to The Steel Cage!

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