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by Firefly on 29th March 2013

The 25th March 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with a video recapping The Undertaker’s ultimatum to CM Punk last week and Punk’s response, followed by CM Punk’s music hitting and him making his way to the ring with Paul Heyman (who is carrying the urn) to kick off the show.

CM Punk talks about various claims made about The Undertaker, and he says that The Undertaker went 20-0 for his WrestleMania undefeated streak. He says that it should have ended there, but The Undertaker instead walked out on his show and pointed to his sign, so the streak will be rewritten by the man who happens to be the “Best In The World”.

He says that it is The Undertaker’s fault, as he holds out the urn and claims that he did not take it to disrespect Paul Bearer, but rather due to what it means to The Undertaker, as he drops it on the floor and says that it doesn’t mean anything to himself.

Punk says that The Undertaker is at a psychological disadvantage and is scared, but he should have gone against anybody else rather than Punk, as there is nobody in the world who will ever beat Punk at WrestleMania, so he is the 1 in 20-1.

He says that he is waiting for the lights to go out and chill to enter the arena, as well as hear the words “Rest In Peace”, something which he says will happen to The Undertaker and his streak. The Undertaker’s gong hits and the lights go out, so when the lights come back on, The Undertaker is in the ring and he immediately starts to attack Punk as Heyman runs away with the urn.

Next, Fandango makes his way to the ring with his dance partner and starts to pronounce his name before being interrupted by Chris Jericho’s music and pyro hitting, and Jericho running out and making a bee-line for Fandango, who he then starts to attack until Fandango bails out of the ring.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring (accompanied by AJ Lee and Big E Langston) for his match against Jericho, as Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler inform us that this match was supposed to be taking place later, but has been moved to happen now instead.

The match sees Jericho get the victory, when he applies the Walls of Jericho to Ziggler, forcing him to tap out. Afterwards, Jericho is attacked from behind by Big E Langston and then hit with a Big Ending, followed by Fandango returning to the ring to mock Jericho by dancing near his prone body and then attacking him before pronouncing his name again.

After a video recapping the events involving Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Big Show, and The Shield on SmackDown (click here for our SmackDown report), and Matt Striker interviewing Sheamus before Sheamus is attacked by The Shield and then saved by Randy Orton and The Big Show, Mark Henry is pitted against Jimmy and Jey Uso in a 2-On-1 Handicap match which sees Henry get the victory, when hits a World’s Strongest Slam for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Henry exits the ring and grabs the other Uso from outside of the ring, where he rolls him inside it and hits him with a World’s Strongest Slam too, followed by another to the Uso he pinned.

Now, Antonio Cesaro goes against Alberto Del Rio (introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez, who is using crutches) in a match which sees Cesaro get the victory as a result of a count-out, when Jack Swagger appears at ringside and throws Ricardo Rodriguez into the steps before attempting to drag him away, prompting Del Rio to save his friend and ring announcer.

Afterwards, Del Rio takes out his anger on the smug Cesaro, as he applies the cross-armbreaker to him and forces him to tap out.

Next up, “Team Hell No” Kane and Daniel Bryan take on “Prime Time Players” Titus O’Neil and Darren Young in a Tag Team match which sees Kane get the victory for his team, when he hits Young with a chokeslam for the 3-count as Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, and AJ Lee watch on from the stage.

After a video recapping the events of last week involving Triple H, Paul Heyman, and Brock Lesnar, Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, where he talks about how he’ll be walking into WrestleMania 29 in a situation that he’s never been in before as if he loses, his career is over.

He says that if he goes to the ring already thinking that he might not win, it would mean that he has already lost. Triple H says that he has had a twenty-year career where he has fought as if his career and life depended upon it every night, so if Paul Heyman thought he was painting Triple H into a corner, he is mistaken.

Triple H advises Brock Lesnar to show up and fight at WrestleMania like his life and career depends upon it, as it very much might, because he is not coming to WrestleMania to wrestle or fight, but to kick Lesnar’s ass.

As Triple H starts to leave, Wade Barrett’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring for his upcoming match, until he stops in front of Triple H and attempts to order him out of the way. Triple H repays Barrett’s lack of respect with a low-blow instead and leaves.

Wade Barrett is pitted against The Miz in a match which sees The Miz get the victory, when he applies a Figure-Four Leg Lock to Barrett, forcing him to tap out.

After an interaction backstage involving Kane, Daniel Bryan, Kaitlyn, and AJ Lee, The Great Khali, Justin Gabriel, and Zack Ryder go against “The Shield” Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose in a Six-Man Tag Team match which sees Rollins get the victory for his team, when he hits Gabriel with a diving knee drop for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Khali attempts to attack The Shield, only for them to overwhelm him and leave him lying in the ring when they hit him with a Triple Powerbomb. Sheamus’ music hits and he makes his way out onto the stage, followed by Randy Orton’s music hitting and him making his way out onto the stage too.

Orton and Sheamus start to make their way to the ring, and Show appears on the other side of the ring after having apparently made his way through the crowd, and the three men enter the ring and start attacking The Shield in a reversal of their usual roles – until The Shield bail out and leave through the crowd.

After Josh Mathews interviews Chris Jericho, in which Jericho says that he has a match with Fandango at WrestleMania 29, “Team Rhodes Scholars” Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes (accompanied by the “Bella Twins” Nikki and Brie) take on Tensai and “Funkasaurus” Brodus Clay (accompanied by the “Funkadactyls” Naomi and Cameron) in a Tag Team match which sees Rhodes get the victory for his team, when he hits Clay with a Disaster Kick for the 3-count.

After a video hyping the “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” movie starring The Rock, Ryback is pitted against “3MB” Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre in a 3-On-1 Handicap match which sees Ryback hit Mahal and Slater with a double Shell-Shock for the 3-count.

After a video recapping the events involving Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, and Ricardo Rodriguez last week and earlier on this episode, and the announcers announcing that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the person inducting Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall Of Fame, AJ Lee goes against Kaitlyn in a match which sees AJ get the victory as a result of a count-out, when she avoids Kaitlyn’s attempted spear, leaving herself able to re-enter the ring and Kaitlyn unable to do so in time.

Now, Jerry “The King” Lawler stands in the ring to introduce Booker T, Mick Foley, “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, and Bret “The Hitman” Hart as the panel for a Q&A between The Rock and John Cena, who he then introduces too.

The end of the Q&A comes when The Rock invites John Cena to prove him wrong right now, which Cena seems only happy to do, but when Cena attempts to hit The Rock with an Attitude Adjustment, The Rock instead counters it and hits him with a Rock Bottom before starting to leave.

The Rock and the downed John Cena watch each other from their respective positions of the stage and ring, as Raw goes off the air.

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