Gail Kim Heading Back to TNA? Don West Released

by Chris Gorst on 6th September 2008

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Gail Kim has NOT signed a deal yet with WWE and that there is a chance she may be heading back to TNA. We initially reported that Kim did not want to leave TNA, however the money deal offered to her from WWE was just too large to pass up. We’re now receiving word that both Kim and Dixie Carter were not happy with how negotiations went and have decided to try working out a deal personally. It’s being said that Kim felt terrible about leaving TNA, therefore she is going to try as hard ss she can to stick with the company as long as they are willing to offer her something close to what WWE is offering. At this point WWE’s offer is rumored to be about three times as much as TNA’s, and that does not include PPV bonuses, merchandising, etc.

Don West works with WNSR radio, a station based out of Nashville, when he is not working with TNA, however he was recently fired due to downsizing. The company was quoted as saying “This is one of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make since we started WNSR,” wrote station manager Ted Johnson in a letter to a listener who wrote the station. “The economic downturn in the last several months has put us into a position to have to make cuts… If at some point in the future things turn around, we would love to have Don and crew back.”

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