Undertaker’s Mania Streak Ending, D-Lo and Kofi at FCW

by Chris Gorst on 6th September 2008


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE has been discussing The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak quite a bit in recent creative meetings. They are toying with the idea of having ‘Taker’s streak come to an end, but are in the midst of discussing who would be the best candidate to defeat him. Vince, at this point, feels that the streak should never end, however he is open to hearing ideas that would involve a superstar on the “rise” to be the one that defeats the dead man. Most creative members feel that an established star should NOT be the one that ends the streak, but rather a rising star that could benefit from the enormous rub. One wrestler talked about is Ted DiBiase, as Vince is very high on him and hopes to push him as the next Randy Orton. There has also been discussion of bringing in Ted DiBiase Sr, to work a possible angle with The Undertaker and DiBiase Jr, as The Million Dollar Man introduced ‘Taker when he debuted.D-Lo Brown appeared on the FCW taping last night and defeated Vic Adams in four minutes. It was then announced that Kofi Kingston will be a special guest on the next FCW taping.


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