Sid Comments On TNA & Sting, Major SD! Editing This Week, More

by Chris Gorst on 9th September 2008

Jason sent this in: I was really disappointed after watching Smackdown. I didn’t know the WWE did THAT MUCH video editing for the taped shows. I was at the show in St. Louis, I submitted the results which were posted on your site. The spot where the lights went out and The Undertaker “disappeared” was just stupid. At the show his music played, he walked up the ramp and did his one arm raise. They cut out about 10 – 15 seconds of footage to make it look like he disappeared. The Vickie Guerrero “promo” was pretty much cut in half. The crowd was so loud live that she took forever to start talking. I’m guessing they do that at every show, but it really took away from the heat that Vickie got from the audience during that segment. The live show was 10 times better than what they showed on TV.

Joe Frost sent this in: Via the Baltimore Sun, Kevin Nash is at talks of returning to WWE after his contract expires in October:

The Monday Night Mayhem radio show welcomed Sid to the program for the first time ever, without wasting any time, Blade asked if wrestling fans will indeed see Sid in the WWE in 2008. Sid answered the question on the hearts & minds of wrestling fans around the world by saying he really hopes so. He added that after his leg break at the WCW Sin PPV in 2001, he set a goal for himself to make it back into wrestling & to be remembered in a much better view. He said it would be a great opportunity, which he thinks he will get sometime by the end of the year. On TNA Wrestling: He said that he did receive a few calls from TNA, but told them it was “nothing personal” about his decision not to go there. He added that he just has a personal goal of wanting to be on the main stage again, main-eventing in 70,000-80,000+ seat arenas — something “you could never do in TNA.” As an example to why he would never go to TNA, he used the recent example of Kurt Angle losing his gold medals to “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, which Sid compared to as losing his “one link of credibility in this business.” He said personally if he ever won a major championship in another sport, he would never put them up in a situation like the Kurt/AJ match. He also wished to add for the record that he has never had a problem with Jeff Jarrett, or at least one that he knows of. On Sting in TNA Wrestling: In regards to Sting’s career in TNA, Sid said that its another disappointment for him. “I know what Sting had to offer to this business, and he doesn’t have it to offer anymore because he’s in TNA. He’s watered down.” He added that if he went to Vince McMahon, he would have made a big difference, and while he still can, it will not be as big as it could have been. Sid then stated that Kevin Nash is another guy that can still draw & make a big difference as well.

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