WWE Unforgiven Report

by Chris Gorst on 9th September 2008

-The announce teams welcome us to the show, run down the main matches and here we go!

ECW Title Scramble Match: Mark Henry © vs. Matt Hardy vs. The Miz vs. Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero

Matt Hardy and The Miz will begin things. They do some mat work to kick things off. Matt with a shoulder block and a side headlock takedown on Miz. Miz escapes, gets his own headlock takedown, Matt gets to his feet and then gets tossed to the corner. Miz counters a bulldog, misses his corner clothesline and Matt then grabs his legs and gets a sit down powerbomb for 2. A big clothesline by Matt gets another cover for 2. Miz pulls Matt towards the ropes, cross face shots and then the leap over neck snap off the ropes by Miz gets 2. Matt fights back, rights to Miz, off the ropes and a sunset flip by Matt for 2. Clothesline by Miz and a cover for 2. Back elbow by Miz, climbs to the top by Matt snags him p and looks for a razor’s edge, escape, REALITY CHECK by Miz but Matt rolls to the floor. Miz rolls him back into the ring and covers for 2.

And the third man in is…Chavo Guerrero. Matt misses a 2nd rope leg drop as Chavo sneaks down to the ring. He pulls Miz to the floor, FROG SPLASH on Matt! 1…2…3! Chavo is the interim champion. Chavo lays the boots to Matt, drops Miz with a clothesline and then slams him to the corner. Miz battles back, gets the corner clothesline and covers Chavo for 2. Rolling Liger kick by Chavo and then a plancha to Miz. Matt is on the apron and then to the floor, tosses Chavo back in and gets a slam. Running elbow drop and a cover for 2. Rights by Chavo, nails Miz who is up top. Chavo up as well, Matt over and gets kicked away. Chavo tossed off, Miz gets a cross body to both, and covers matt for 2! Clothesline by Matt to Miz and then to Chavo. A backdrop follows as Matt runs wild. Bulldog/clothesline Combo. Side effect on Chavo! 1…2…3! Matt is the interim champion. Crowd loves that, Mat tosses Chavo to the floor, and now works a chinlock on Miz. Miz escapes, gets an arm drag and Chavo is back in.

The fourth man is Mark Henry. Chavo tries to rally the troops against Henry, they wait for him to enter and they attack him. They have him in the corner but he tosses them off. Clotheslines by Henry, hip toss to Chavo. Press slam to Matt! Body attack on Miz. World’s Strongest Slam on Chavo and that is all. Mark Henry is the interim champion. Slam on Miz by Henry, rights by Matt in Henry now. Twist of fate countered, Matt tries a springboard but is swatted down by Henry. Henry beats down Miz, Chavo is back in and leaps into a bear hug. Chavo fights, Matt back in and up top…but leaps into a bear hug by Henry. He fights, Henry slams him down and then back to the bear hug.

The final man is Finlay. He rushes down, unloads on Henry and gets a DDT! 1…2..NO! Another DDT and another cover for 2. Bear hug on Finlay as we have 4:30 left in the match. Hornswoggle is in, SHACKALACKI SHOT by Finlay! Matt and Finlay toss Henry! Celtic Cross by Finlay! 1…2…3! Finlay is the interim champion. Miz up top and gets a missile dropkick on Finlay. Twist of fate by Matt! He pins Miz! Matt is the interim champion. 3:00 left, Henry is back in and Chavo frog splashes Miz and only gets 2 as Matt breaks it up. Henry starts to clean house, Miz is busted open I see. World’s Strongest Slam on Chavo by Henry, and Matt makes the save. The slam on Finlay, Matt makes the save. Miz rolls up Matt, but Henry breaks that up. Henry catches Chavo, SLAM on Chavo! Matt breaks that up. Finaly rolls up Matt for 2! Henry gets a boot to Finlay, splash on Miz but Matt breaks it up again! Finlay covers Miz for 2 as it is broken up. Matt tosses Chavo, Henry splashes Finlay for 2 as Matt breaks it up. Miz tossed to the floor, Chavo as well. Finlay slams Matt, Chavo back in and they all keep breaking up pins and MATT WINS!

Winner and NEW ECW CHAMPION Matt Hardy @ 20:00 via pin
-We get a WrestleMania 25 video package.

-Matt and Jeff celebrate backstage and Matt says he wants Jeff to win for the clean sweep.

-We see CM Punk and HHH preparing backstage.

World Tag Team Title Match: Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes © vs. Cryme Tyme

Cody and JTG to begin. To the corner and Cody hides in the ropes. Rights by JTG now, off the ropes and an uppercut and dropkick by JTG. DiBiase and Shad in, and Shad clotheslines the champs to the floor. Shad then backdrops JTG onto the champs, who were still on the floor. Back in and JTG covers Cody for 2. Cody slams JTG to the corner, tags in DiBiase and he takes a hip toss. Tag to Shad, and he tosses JTG onto DiBiase and Shad covers for 2. To the corner and Shad misses a clothesline. DiBiase off the ropes and into a powerslam by Shad. Rolling dice elbow drop by Shad gets 2. DiBiase with a boot, knee to the gut and a tag to Cody. Rights to Shad, tries to shoot him off the ropes, but Shad slingshots JTG into a shoulder block on Cody and that gets 2. Cody begs off, but then pokes JTG in the eyes. To the floor and the double team costs JTG as he eats a clothesline. Back into the ring and Cody works the arm of JTG. JTG tries to fight back with kicks, tag to DiBiase and he goes on the attack of the arm. 2nd rope fist drop by Cody, lays the boots to JTG and then wraps the arm in the ropes and keeps control. DiBiase stuns the arm off the ropes, and Cody covers for 2. Cody continues his work of the arm, JTG fights back with rights but takes a side Russian leg sweep. Knee drop by Cody, tag to DiBiase and then a dropkick by DiBiase connects. He’ll work the arm with kicks and then the wristlock, JTG fights to his feet and gets a backdrop suplex to break that up. Both men are down, Cody nails Shad and they double team JTG. Cody covers for 2. JTG fights back with kicks, rights by Cody keeps him down. Snap mare by Cody and back to the arm he goes. JTG tries again to fight to his feet, escapes with rights, out of the suplex and is then slammed down by Cody. Cody up top and MISSES the MOONSAULT! BOTH men are down, looking for tags and Shad is in! He cleans house on both men. Corner attacks and a snake eyes to DiBiase. Forearm smash to DiBiase gets 2 as Cody makes the save. JTG takes Cody down, but as JTG gets sent to the corner Cody gets a DDT on Shad for 2 as Shad gets a leg on the ropes. Cody tags in, clothesline by Shad! Tag to JTG, DiBiase in and JTG gets a roll up on Cody, reversed by DiBiase and they steal the win!

Winners: Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes @ 11:55 via pin

-They brawl after the match and a large Samoan man enters the ring! He helps the champs clear the ring and they stand tall. I am not sure who that is off hand as I don’t recall Afa Jr being that large. But that makes the most sense.

-HBK meets with the doctor and gets taped up and reminded of the dangers of doing the match tonight.

-We get a video package for HBK vs. Jericho.

Unsanctioned Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
The only way to win is by pin or submission.

HBK walks to the ring showing no emotion with his left arm heavily taped up. HBK charges in and it is a FIGHT! Wild punches by HBK and kicks follow. He takes a boot off and NAILS Jericho over the head with it! And again! A 3rd time sends Jericho to the floor. They brawl into the crowd now and rights by HBK as he favors the inured left arm. Back ringside and HBK catapults Jericho into the steel post. HBK searches under the ring for toys, and then gets a chair from ringside. He misses Jericho and hits the post, allowing Jericho to slam HBK to the announce table. Jericho gets a DDT on the floor and he looks for toys. He gets a table and then another one. He slams one of the tables onto HBK and then sets up a table. Jericho looks for a powerbomb, but instead falls back and drops HBK face first onto the ring apron. Back into the ring they go and Jericho has a chair. A shot to the gut by Jericho and then one to the back. Backdrop suplex by Jericho, grabs the chair again and wedges it in the corner. Jericho grabs HBK and delivers forearm shots. Rights follow, boots and then chokes out HBK. Jericho tries to send HBK to the chair, but HBK sends him to the steel post. Jericho on the apron, they brawl and Jericho looks for a suplex. Jericho with rights, has HBK up but he makes the apron. HBK tosses Jericho into the ring and follows. Rights by HBK, off the ropes and the flying forearm by HBK. Kip up and HBK chokes out Jericho! HBK now goes up top and the big elbow connects. VINTAGE HBK!

We’re 10-minutes in now and HBK tunes up the band, holds up on the superkick and then starts to pummel Jericho with rights! HBK with the rear crucifix and delivers some MMA style elbows. HBK drops into the cross face now, but Jericho sends HBK into the chair in the corner, and that hurts the previously injured eye of HBK. Mounted rights by Jericho, he chokes out HBK and then rips at the eye. Rights and jabs by Jericho, slaps follow but that fires up HBK! Rights by HBK, and Jericho sends HBK into the steel chair but HBK tackles him and then gets a clothesline. HBK tries a piledriver, countered into the walls of Jericho! HBK makes the ropes, but Jericho refuses to break because he doesn’t have too! HBK hangs from the apron in the hold and snags up a fire extinguisher from ringside, shoots it and blinds Jericho with it! Jericho can’t see, HBK has the extinguisher and NAILS Jericho with it, sending him to the floor. To the floor goes HBK, he slams Jericho into the ringside barrier in the isle. And again HBK send shim to the barrier. To the ramp they go and a suplex by HBK. HBK holds his arm and screams in pain, here comes Lance Cade and HBK beats him down. Jericho tries to escape back to the ring by HBK follows and levels him with a clothesline. Cade nails the arm of HBK and then turns him inside out with a lariat! They lay HBK by the post, headfirst and wrap the arm around the post, and Cade with the kick to the arm. Cade pulls HBK up, holds him and Jericho with slaps. Jericho is bleeding from the elbow as he punishes the arm of HBK. Jericho is bleeding from the nose as well as Cade hands him a chair and he nails the arm of HBK. Cade beats down HBK, holds the arm and Jericho with another chair shot to the injured arm. They wrap the arm in the chair, Cade holds HBK down and Jericho goes up top. HBK kicks Cade into the ropes and crotches Jericho. SUPERKICK to Cade!

We’re 20-minutes in now and HBK with the chair and NAILS Jericho who falls from the top rope and THROUGH the table that was set up on the floor earlier. HBK to the floor with the chair and with one arm swings away at Jericho! HBK now dismantles an announce table and lays Lance Cade on it. HBK goes back in the ring and to the top rope, no, back down and starts to kick Jericho in the face. He then lays Jericho on the table on top of Cade! HBK up top…ELBOW DROP TO BOTH MEN THROUGH THE TABLE! HBK is up and then drops to the floor and appears to be weeping. He gets to his feet and drags Jericho back to the ring. HBK removes his belt now and WHIPS JERICHO! The ref keeps asking what he is doing and HBK continues to whip Jericho! He then wraps the belt around his hand and wraps up Jericho and starts to PUMMLE Jericho with lefts right in the eye of Jericho! Jericho appears to be out of it and lays motionless on the mat as HBK goes back on the attack. The referee stops the match.

Winner: HBK @ 28:00 via Referee Stoppage

-HBK moves the ref away and starts to punish Jericho even more. The ref pulls HBK off of Jericho and HBK then SUPERKICKS THE REFEREE! More refs are out as the crowd chants for HBK. He has this crazed look on his face, which turns to sadness. HBK drops to his knees as commentary asks if God could ever forgive HBK for what he has done.

-Rhodes, DiBiase and the new Samoan talk as Randy Orton arrives. This is MANU, son of Afa of the wild Samoans. Manu says not to knock the tag team champions because they are in a different class. Orton says what they did took skill, but the win was all luck. Cryme Tyme learned on the streets, but they have all of the ability. Why should you be proud? Keep telling yourselves how you think you accomplished something. Luck runs out, ability lives on, trust him on that. He is NOT impressed at all.

WWE Title Scramble Match: HHH © vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. THE Brian Kendrick

Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin will begin the match. They show a pre-taped interview with Benjamin from earlier today. He’s the gold standard and all of that. They both try roll ups early, shoulder block by Benjamin and a cover for 2. Jeff with a roll up for 2. To the corner, and a sunset flip by Jeff for 2. Side headlock takedown by Benjamin, Jeff to his feet and rights follow. Benjamin misses the turning kick, but he then powerbombs Jeff into the corner and covers for 2. Knee strikes to the head by Benjamin, a snap suplex follows and a cover for 2. A rear chinlock by Benjamin now, trying to keep Jeff grounded. Knees to the back of the head, the boots follow and a cover for 2 by Benjamin. A clothesline by Jeff, sloppy as they seemed to get confused and Jeff then slams down Benjamin. A leg drop follows and a cover for 2. They trade rights from the knees.

The 3rd man in is THE Brian Kendrick! The man has a NEW PPV JACKET as well! Zeke flanks him as he dances his way to the ring. Benjamin to the apron, Jeff as well and the brawl. German try by Benjamin, Jeff holds on and Kendrick nails Benjamin and sends him to the floor. Kicks by Kendrick and a cover on Jeff for 2. Flying forearm by Kendrick and another cover for 2. Numerous kicks to the head of Jeff, and another cover for 2. To the corner, rights by Kendrick and then an Irish whip, misses a charge and Jeff follows with the dump powerbomb and covers for 3! Jeff is the interim champion. Jeff back on the attack, Benjamin in and beats him down as Kendrick rolls to the floor. A suplex by Jeff gets 2. Big forearm by Benjamin and a cover for 2. To the corner and Benjamin misses the splash and Jeff covers for 2. Twist of fate countered, PAY DIRT by Benjamin! He covers 1…2…and Kendrick stops that. He tosses Benjamin to the floor, grabs Jeff and THE KENDRICK lands! 1…2…3! THE BRIAN KENDRICK IS THE INTERIM CHAMPION! He celebrates a bit.

The fourth man is MVP. He and Kendrick brawl, flapjack by MVP and then a basement dropkick to Jeff. He tosses Kendrick, thrust to the throat of Benjamin. Uppercuts follow, a whip and northern lariat by MVP. Drive By is stopped by Kendrick and a leg lariat! Jeff levels him and tosses him to the floor, mocks his dance and then gets the mule kick to Benjamin. Dropkicks to both MVP and Benjamin in the corner. Kendrick stops the pin, lays the boots to Benjamin and then chokes him out. Off the ropes and a Samoan Drop (HE IS NOT EVEN SAMOAN) by Benjamin. MVP and Kendrick brawl, cross body by Kendrick and then a basement dropkick to the face of MVP. Benjamin levels him with a clothesline, Kendrick fights out of a powerbomb with the RANA. Rights to MVP, forearms in return by MVP. Off the ropes, a bit of miscommunication and Kendrick gets a leg lariat.

And finally HHH is out. He is all business and walks with a purpose. HHH tosses Benjamin, rights to MVP, face buster and then ducks the attack by Kendrick. SPINEBUSTER by HHH! He tosses MVP, kick, wham, pedigree to Kendrick! 1…2…3. HHH is the interim champion. Benjamin and HHH brawl to the floor. Jeff and MVP back into the ring. Off the ropes and a boot by Jeff, twist of fate! 1…2…3! Jeff is the interim champion! Under 3-minutes left, Kendrick in and Jeff blocks the Kendrick and then gets a gourd buster. Jeff up top…HHH crotches him and is back in. PEDIGREE on Kendrick! 1…2…3. HHH is the interim champion again with 2-minutes left. SWANTON onto Kendrick and Jeff pins him! Jeff is the interim champion again. Pedigree try to Jeff, but HHH is tossed to the floor. PLANCHA onto HHH! 1-minute left, MVP sets Kendrick up top, they brawl and Benjamin leaps up top and TOWER OF DOOM~! Jeff back in and gets the whisper in the wind on MVP! Up top and SWANTON on Benjamin! HHH back in and PEDIGREE to MVP! 1…2…3 as time runs out!

Winner: HHH @ 20:00 via pin

-Jeff and HHH shake after the match.

-Todd is with HBK backstage. HBK says that was the first PPV in three months that he hasn’t been sent to the hospital. He will clean up, pack up and go home. He will get in bed with his wife, play with his kids in the morning and they will know what happened here tonight. He is content with what he did, but there is no closure. If he had a choice, he would do what he did to Jericho tonight every night for the rest of his life. He has awoke something that he cannot control. As for Jericho, the worst is definitely yet to come. He smiles.

-Eve is with CM Punk. Orton stops his promo and says Punk is a fluke. Punk calls him an injured ex-champion. Punk asks if he is 100%, and Orton says no, but they will continue their conversation. Punk will continue to prove people wrong. Simply Priceless and Manu attack Punk! Kofi tries to help and gets beat down. CONCUSSION KICK to Punk by Orton! He says THAT was impressive!

Divas Title Match: Michelle McCool © vs. Maryse

Lock up to begin and they shove off. Lock up again, Maryse takes her to the mat, they work counters and McCool gets a cover for 2. Off the ropes and a Russian leg sweep by McCool gets 2. Maryse slams McCool down, works the arm but McCool back flips off of the ropes and sends Maryse to the corner. To the floor and Maryse sends McCool over the barricade. McCool back with a kick and gets a clothesline off of the barricade. Back into the ring we go and uppercuts by McCool. Maryse works the knee of McCool, and works a variation of the Indian deathlock. Maryse now lays the boots to McCool, wraps the leg in the ropes and then delivers rights to McCool. Standing knee bar by Maryse, but McCool escapes and works the knee of Maryse. They both favor their knees, and Maryse trips McCool in the ropes. McCool gets a boot to the face of Maryse and covers for 2. They slug it out, forearms by McCool, off the ropes and they about blow a sunset flip spot, McCool rolls out and gets abasement dropkick for 2. Kicks to the legs by Maryse, off the ropes and a kick by McCool. Sit out gourd buster suplex by McCool gets the win.

Winner: Michelle McCool @ 6:00 via pin

-Mike Adamle is out, and says since CM Punk was attacked, it appears as if he will not be able to compete. If that is the case, he will have no choice but to find a suitable replacement. But rest assured, Raw’s scramble WILL take place tonight.

-King and Cole discuss what may happen if Punk cannot compete.

-The BIG SHOW makes his way to the ring. Show says hello and says he is here to suggest to Mike Adamle that he would be a great replacement. He is sick of oversights and sick of how Vickie is running Smackdown. He reminds us to vote as well. He discusses the text voting, and how he should have been in the scramble match. He says thank you and leaves. That is UNTIL Vickie appears and makes her way to the ring. She says Show doesn’t understand English and disregards her instructions to NOT cause a disruption. She mentions fines and suspensions and then says that he is a big, dumb giant. She says to not look at her this way, and says now, he will deal with the circumstances.

DRUID CHANTS, fog and we see druids carrying a casket come to the ring. Show laughs and claps as this all happens. Taker appears on the screen and says that he promised that he would come for her. He also promised that the coffin would be her final resting place. Is she willing to go voluntarily, or will he have to come out there, take the air from her lungs until she is out, only to wake up to the stench of the flames from hell.

GONG…GONG… SOUL TAKING TIME! Show grabs Vickie by the arm so she cannot leave and Taker makes his entrance. Vickie tries to run but Show rolls her into the ring and keeps her there. Taker opens the coffin and makes his way into the ring. He takes off his jacket and hat, Big Show is enjoying this. Taker slowly walks towards Vickie, grabs her by the throat and Show LEVELS Taker with a big right. Head butts follows and then rights and lefts. They brawl to the floor and Show scoops him up and slams him to the steel post. More head butts by Show and he slams Taker onto the coffin. Show slams Taker to the barrier and then turns over the coffin. They slowly brawl some more and into the ring they go. More head butts, and the knockout shot by Show lays Taker out. Elbow drops by Show and he continues to beat down Taker v…e…r…y s…l…o…w…l…y. Show pick sup Taker and allows Vickie to slap him and spit into his face. Show and Vickie leave as we get replays of the beating.

-We get a video package from Raw and earlier tonight, showcasing Orton and Punk.

-Adamle and Regal talk backstage and Regal wants in the Scramble. Adamle says he will take it under advisement.

World Title Scramble Match: CM Punk © vs. Kane vs. JBL vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

Batista and JBL will begin the match. Seriously. JBL wants to stay away from Batista as he backs off right away. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Batista. Shoulder blocks in the corner, JBL with a back elbow but he eats a clothesline and cover for 2 by Batista. Flair shin buster by Batista, chop block follow and the figure four is applied. He keeps it on seemingly forever, but JBL gets the ropes and they break. Rights by Batista, but JBL pulls him to the floor.

The third man in is Kane. JBL is down and Batista waits on Kane to enter. They stand off, trade boots and a clothesline by Batista. Off the ropes and a big boot by Kane connects. Kane continues the attack and covers for 2. To the corner, uppercuts by Kane and then lays the boots to Batista. Rights by Batista, elbows and more rights. Corner clothesline by Batista. Off the ropes and a side slam by Kane. He goes up top and MISSES the top rope clothesline. He is up, stops Batista and JBL is in and gets a bog boot to Batista. Batista kicked to the floor, CHOKESLAM on JBL and Kane gets the pin. Kane is the interim champion. Rights by Kane to Batista in the corner, and time runs down as Batista hits the steel post.

The fourth man in is Rey Mysterio. He has a Mohawk on his mask. Leg kicks to Kane, springboard into the dropkick and Kane falls to the floor. JBL attacks Rey, off the ropes and a head scissors by Rey. Wheelbarrow bulldog by Rey and then a basement dropkick to Kane. 619 misses and Kane kills Rey with a clothesline. Batista back in and suplexes Kane. Batista and Rey face off and Rey calls over Batista, and they get a double team on Kane. They are BFF. They go to work together again, but Rey gets a RANA into a sunset flip for 2. NO BFF! JBL back in and gets the short-armed clothesline on Batista. Sack of shit slam to Rey, who lands on Batista and JBL covers for 2. Elbow drops by JBL, and he covers Rey for 2.

The final man in is CHRIS JERICHO! A battered Chris Jericho makes his way slowly to the ring as we have under 5-minutes left in the match. Jericho has a ton of bruises from his battle with HBK and stays on the floor. Kane runs wild on Batista, who then fights back and eats a spear from Batista! SPEAR on Jericho! SPEAR on JBL and Batista covers for 2 as JBL got the ropes. Rey with leg kicks to Batista, 619 on Kane! Batista covers Kane and Rey stops that. Leg drop to JBL by Rey a we have under 3-minutes left. Rey escapes the Batista bomb, 619 to JBL! Batista KILLS Rey with a kick and sends him to the floor. Clothesline from Hell on Kane! Spinebuster to JBL! 1:30 left in the match and Kane works over Batista in the corner. Slam on Batista, Kane up top and gets the clothesline on Batista. Kane covers for 2. 1-minute left, and Batista SPEARS Kane! Rey slide sin, spinebuster by Batista to Kane and that gets 3! Batista is the interim champion with 30-seconds left. Rey springs in and Batista catches him, Jericho pins KANE, Batista Bomb to REY! TIME RUNS OUT! JERICHO WINS! JERICHO WINS! JERICHO WINS!

Winner and NEW WORLD CHAMPION Chris Jericho @ 20:00 via pin

-Jericho celebrates as Batista leaves disappointed.

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