Anonymous Tweeter A Hoax, Nothing More To See?

by Firefly on 12th August 2010

Following on from yesterday, it appears that the anonymous person tweeting is likely to just be a disgruntled fan unhappy with the direction TNA has taken, and one of their favourite wrestlers (Christopher Daniels) no longer working for them.

The reason for coming to this conclusion is simple – just a couple of hours ago, the person switched back to the @realHulk_Hogan account claiming to be Christopher Daniels. Knowing that Christopher Daniels has his own account on Twitter, we sought to verify this with him, and a few minutes later he denied it.

It’s possible that they will continue to tweet, but with Daniels’ denial, there is unlikely to be any more interest as apart from the initial claim of being Hogan, the claim of being a current TNA wrestler unhappy with how things are being run was one that couldn’t have been as easily disproved, and the thought that there is disquiet behind the scenes is something that always gets people interested (though not everyone of course) – just like in any other industry.

TNAnonymous Screenshot realHulk_Hogan screenshot

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