Misc News: Rory MacAllister calls his cousin Robbie ‘dumb’

by Al M. on 9th September 2008

Just hours after his release from the WWE, Rory MacAllister, one half of The Highlanders,
chatted with SLAM! Wrestling for an interview that shed some light on what led to his release,
but more than anything else, that revealed his true character.

MacAllister is one of the most approachable people you will ever meet; he was only too happy
to sit down and talk just hours after being let go by the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.
At his request, the story was held until now.

Its a great read, he said it was a dumb move on his cousins part for sitting in on a TNA Taping. To
read the rest of the article click here!

Al’s Vault:

Its a shame that these two couldnt be used the right way in the WWE. But goes to show you, the
talent is pretty much always there. But its hard for creative to come up with the right storylines
and gimmicks. I know it cant be easy, But how can they get rid of every ECW Original and not
have anyhting for them, git rid of the Wild Cat Chris Harris and have nothing for him (he was there
for a few months for crying out loud!). Thats unreal. It looks like Dlo-Brown maybe next, great
talent no storyline. But yet they keep a guy like SNITSKY around! Get the hell out of here. It doesnt
make sense to me and I dont like it. I am not trying to put creative down, its a demanding job, but
it just gets to the point that as a fan, you get frustrated from the insane booking that has been going
on. Perfect example is Unforgiven. WHAT THE HELL!?! A kick to the face, and that knocks out Punk
for two weeks. Cena’s father got that same kick and walked out on his own two feet. Ridicuols. Then
to add insult to injury. Jericho got his ass kicked all over that ring, and he wins the title. So one
kick knocks out a wrestler for two weeks. A 20 minute ass whoopin gets you the title. OKAY!? Thats
intersting. I am not saying Jericho dosent deserve it, because he does he is the man right now. The
amount of work he has done with is character is unbelivable. What a change, you can even ask
yourself who is Y2J? Because Jericho, made that 10 year persona disappear.

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