WWE News: Warrior has a new Action Figure w/WWE, Jillan Hall

by Al M. on 9th September 2008

WWE is has a new Ultimate Warrior Unmatched Fury #10 Action Figure for sale. There is one
intersting review at WWE Shop.com by a fan it reads:

Personally I thought the guy was a creep but I must complete the current collection… so
this is a must have.

Click here to view the product or purchase it!

Al’s Vault:

It will be great to see if this gets any reaction from the Warrior! We all know he his out spoken
and he may be upset that the WWE is banking in some cash using his name and fame. But WWE
is not the only one that seems to be banking in. As reported on Voice of Wrestling Radio Show his
ex-wife is currently working on a book about her time being married to Ultimate Warrior. And
there is a lot of speculation comming out of his ex-wife stating that hey may be gay. So
we will see what comes out of that.

Jillan Hall celebrated her birthday over the weekend. She is now 28 years old!

Al’s Vault:

Happy Birthday! And I wish I didnt have to hear you sing anymore. I always change the station when
you start siging. It is horrible and truly hard for me to watch!

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