Raw News: Santino is Challenged by Perez Hilton!

by Al M. on 9th September 2008

As Posted on Sanino’s Website!

After Santino’s other dig at blogger, Perez Hilton last night during Raw… the gossip monger
promptly took to his blog and enforced his challenge to the ‘Milan Miricle’:

So, that Santino girl yapped about us on Monday Night Raw.

Stop talking, biyatch.

Let’s wrestle!

We’ll pick ourselves out a cute little spandex number and kick your ass!

Will anything come of this war of words? Only time will tell!

Al’s Vault:

Strange! I wonder if WWE will attempt to bring this on to Monday Nights. Maybe Another One of
Piper’s Prodigy Could Be Perez Hilton! Stranger things have happened!

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