TNA News: TNA star praises Kowalski

by Al M. on 9th September 2008

TNA star praises Kowalski

TNA star Frankie Kazarian posted his feelings and thoughts on his myspace page, after learning of
the death of his trainer and wrestling legend Walter Killer Kowalski.

Kazarian wrote Saturday, Aug. 30, “I was just woken up by a phone call that I have been
dreading. My good friend Steve King just called and informed me that our dear friend and
trainer Walter Killer Kowalski has passed away.

“Anyone, who knows me, knows that I have always attributed Walter with all of my success in
pro wrestling. He took in a 20-year-old kid who had traveled 3,000 miles from southern California
and embraced him like a son. He was kind enough to pass on his extensive and unique knowledge
of this business to me.

“From day one, Walter became my trainer and my friend. He guided me through every step of
pro wrestling but more importantly, taught me how to be a genuine, good person and to treat
others with respect, dignity and class.

“I owe so much to Walter that I could never put it all in words. The time we spent together is
and always will be some of the most precious memories I have, and I will keep it in a special place
in my heart. So much of the best things that have happened to me are a direct result of his mentoring. The people I have met, the relationships I have made and my success in and out of
the ring are a direct result of him.

“Walter loved angels. We had many conversations about them on our regular trips to church that
we both enjoyed on Sundays. To me and anyone who knew him, Walter was an angel. He was
a gentleman, friend and honestly one of the best people to come into my life.

“Walter, I love you, and I could never sing your praises enough. You set me on a path, in
this business and in life, that has been a dream. Rest in the kingdom of Heaven my dear friend,
as you are now among the angels you loved. Your student, friend and brother in Christ,

~The Miami Herald

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