Diva Disdain – The Lack Of Respect For The Divas Division

by Firefly on 23rd April 2013

Is it any wonder that there is still little interest by most WWE fans in the Divas Division?

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw included Jerry “The King” Lawler joking that AJ Lee didn’t know that cars had front seats until she was 20 years old, and the announcers in general portrayed her as promiscuous by implying that the storylines that had her involved with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, John Cena, and now Dolph Ziggler weren’t the only interest she had shown in the other WWE Superstars.

While it is true that at least some focus was on the division due to the later Divas Battle Royal to determine a challenger for Kaitlyn’s Divas Championship – said not to involve the Bella Twins due to their “Twin Magic” switch last week disqualifying them from it – and which AJ won, it still doesn’t excuse the comments.

Unfortunately, this lack of respect for the Divas division on the part of the WWE, and as a result the fans too who have seemingly been conditioned towards the same approach, is something that has been commented upon by numerous people with increasing frequency over the past few years.

As a big fan of women’s wrestling, I am fully aware that many have a lot of wrestling talent, something which can be clearly seen in the various independent women’s promotions around the world, and including current NXT Diva Paige (formerly known as Britani Knight on the independent scene).

The very talented Sara Del Rey is regarded very highly by many for her own performance on the independent scene over the years and considered one of the best in the world, hence her moniker as the “Queen of Wrestling”, and as such it can only mean good things for those in NXT as she is a trainer there.

The question I have however, is whether the wealth of talent will matter when the NXT Divas are called up to the main roster, if the attitude of the WWE and the fans doesn’t change?

Please WWE, show more respect and interest in the division and its participants. Let everyone show that it can be as great as it was in the past, and potentially surpass its former glory to be brought to greater heights.

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