Tito Ortiz Sweepstakes Coming To An End?

by Chris Gorst on 11th September 2008

It looks as if the negotiations to sign the biggest free agent in all of mixed martial arts are about to come to an end. Tito Ortiz tells MMAWeekly.com that he expects to announce his new deal by the end of September.

One suitor that has been ruled out is Ortiz’s last employer, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, who had been talking to the former light heavyweight champion about a possible return.

“Most likely I’m not going with the UFC, that’s about 99% sure that that’s not happening,” said Ortiz in an exclusive interview with MMAWeekly.com. “I’ve got to be thankful for Lorenzo (Fertitta), what he gave me to this point, but it’s too bad that they have a president the way he is, just hot headed the way he is, takes everything personal and I wash my hands clean.

“I did as much as I possibly could for them, and they did as much as they possibly could for me.”

The new deal is still being finalized according to Ortiz, but he expects the announcement to happen by the end of the month, putting to rest his free agency and starting the next chapter of the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy.”

“I’m in the midst of possibly signing with somebody. I’m going to go to a company that’s going to take me very seriously and use everything that they can use for me. In the public, in fights, in everything,” Ortiz stated.

“I’m going to move on and I’m going to try another company out, I’m going to see how it goes. By the end of this month there will be a big news break, where Tito Ortiz is going and what I did for a contract.”

Of course his mind isn’t solely wrapped around his fight career as he and girlfriend Jenna Jameson are also expecting a child soon. The California based fighter is more excited than ever for his future.

He also added that he is “99% sure” where he is headed.

“I’m really excited and by the end of this month I’ll let everyone know where I’m going,” Ortiz commented in closing.

Source: MMAWeekly.com

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