Raw Fusion: 3MB – 3-Man Beatdown

by Firefly on 5th May 2013

The 29th April 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw starts with Ricardo Rodriguez (accompanied by Alberto Del Rio), Zeb Colter (accompanied by Jack Swagger), and Big E Langston (accompanied by Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee) taking on each other in a Triple Threat match to determine who will decide the stipulation for the Triple Threat match between Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler at the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View.

The match sees Rodriguez get the victory, when he rolls up Colter for the 3-count, mainly due to the distraction caused by AJ Lee interrupting Colter’s pin attempt on Rodriguez moments before.

After a segment with video and on stage involving John Cena and some kids for the Make A Wish Foundation, Randy Orton is pitted against Cody Rhodes in a match which sees Orton get the victory, when he counters Rhodes’ Disaster Kick attempt into an RKO for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Matt Striker congratulates Orton and interviews him about The Big Show’s actions towards him at WrestleMania, with Orton saying that Show’s actions fuel him and make him feel “extreme” before hitting Rhodes with another RKO.

After a video hyping the “Total Divas” show, Brie Bella (accompanied by Nikki) goes against Naomi (accompanied by Cameron) in a match which sees Brie get the victory, when Nikki switches with her behind the back of the referee and rolls up Naomi for the 3-count.

Afterwards, Cameron complains to the referee, prompting him to call the Bella Twins back to the ring. After looking at each of the twins, he realises that Cameron is correct and that it was Nikki instead of Brie, and reverses his decision into Brie being disqualified instead. The Bella Twins are clearly unhappy with this as they then attack Cameron and Naomi, leaving in celebration once again despite officially losing the match.

Next up, The Shield make their way to the ring and talk about their actions since their début at Survivor Series, and their attack on The Undertaker on SmackDown. After showing photos of the former and video of the latter, The Shield say that justice does not care who you are, but instead strikes without warning and without mercy.

As The Shield address John Cena and Ryback, they are interrupted by 3MB’s music hitting and them making their way to the ring. 3MB say that The Shield has some unfinished business with them, and that they were seconds from showing Triple H how they rock and roll when The Shield attack their party, so they are going to crash The Shield’s party and rock their faces.

3MB surround the ring and then start to attack The Shield, but it is to no avail as The Shield quickly gain the upper hand and beat them down instead, until Kane’s music and pyro hits and Team Hell No start making their way to the ring.

Upon Team Hell No entering the ring however, The Shield exit it and retreat through the crowd, so Kane and Daniel Bryan turn their attention to 3MB and send a message to The Shield by attacking them and throwing them out of the ring, followed by chanting “Yes” and setting off Kane’s ring pyro.

After an interaction backstage involving Ryback and John Cena, Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by Big E Langston and AJ Lee) takes on Kofi Kingston in a match which sees Ziggler get the victory, when he avoids Kingston’s springboard crossbody attempt and follows it up with a Zig-Zag to Kingston for the 3-count. Afterwards, Big E Langston hits Kingston with a Big Ending twice.

After an interaction backstage involving Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, Natalya, and Kaitlyn, a video recapping Brock Lesnar’s challenge to Triple H for a match at Extreme Rules, and Triple H’s response, and an interaction backstage involving Ryback, Vickie Guerrero, and Brad Maddox, Jack Swagger (accompanied by Zeb Colter) is pitted against Zack Ryder.

The match sees Swagger get the victory, when he hits Ryder with a gut-wrench powerbomb and follows it up by applying the Patriot Lock to him, forcing Ryder to tap out. Afterwards, Swagger holds Ryder against the ropes and allows Colter to get a hit in on him.

After a video recapping the events during the break that seem to indicate that Ryback was leaving, Mark Henry makes his way to the ring with a rope and says that he came out to prove that he is the strongest man in the world.

Henry says that he asked for two opponents and that Vickie Guerrero promised to make that happen, so he calls for them to make their way out. Tensai makes his way to the ring participates in a tug-of-war that Henry wins, followed by Brodus Clay making his way to the ring to be Henry’s second opponent in the tug-of-war.

Mark Henry wins the second tug-of-war too, but his celebration is interrupted by Sheamus’ music hitting and him making his way to the ring to challenge Henry as a third opponent in the tug-of-war. Henry wins the third too, but this time on a technicality as Sheamus releases the rope and follows it up by hitting Henry with a Brogue Kick.

After an interaction backstage involving Kane, Daniel Bryan, Vickie Guerrero, and Brad Maddox, and an interaction elsewhere backstage involving Brad Maddox and John Cena, Alberto Del Rio goes against Antonio Cesaro in a match which sees Del Rio get the victory, when he applies the cross-armbreaker to Cesaro, forcing him to tap out.

Afterwards, Del Rio announces that the Triple Threat match at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship will be a Ladder match.

Now, The Great Khali (with Natalya) and Fandango (with his dance partner, NXT Diva Summer Rae) compete in a dance contest, which sees the crowd judge the winner. According to Jerry “The King” Lawler, they choose Khali as the victor, which Fandango is evidently unhappy about, as he takes Khali down with a russian leg sweep and follows it up with a diving leg drop.

Afterwards, Fandango once again reminds everyone how to pronounce his name.

After announcing that Kane will face Dean Ambrose on the upcoming episode of SmackDown, John Cena and “Team Hell No” Kane and Daniel Bryan take on “The Shield” Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns in a Six-Man Tag Team match.

The match sees Reigns get the victory for The Shield, when he hits Cena with a spear for the 3-count. Afterwards, Ryback appears on the stage, apparently not having left like people had thought.

Ryback continues to watch on from the stage while Cena is tended to in the ring, as Raw goes off the air.

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