A (Nearly) Half Yearly Report

by Dave on 9th August 2013

So after another absence from writing for a while, I return to Wrestling Fusion to deliver my report on what wrestling I’ve seen in the past 6 months (or more precisely 7 and a bit months, as I’ve been busy with work for the past month or so).

So to my list of shows I’ve been to:

26th January: TNA for their annual UK trip. As per usual TNA brought out their ‘A’ game for the UK fans, even if there was plenty to piss me off and has continued to do so since then (which has basically lead me to pretty much give up on watching their programming until they decide to promote the talent that they keep saying they will).

1st/2nd February: PCW Road to Glory. I understand the need for a tournament, and it was nice to have met/got drunk with Super Crazy, but this started to bore me by the end of it. PCW for as good a crowd as it attracts sadly doesn’t really have many storylines to keep the casual fan returning (but this is because they pay to bring in the ‘names’ such as Brian Kendrick, Paul London and Super Crazy).

2nd February: Pro Wrestling EVE. Not the best show in the world, but it served a purpose. Nikki Storm vs. Emi Sakura was a good way of getting the title back around the waist of Nikki Storm after she had lost the title in November of 2012.

26th April: Pro Wrestling EVE: Special Edition 3. This marked the last time EVE will run at The Delphi Club which was sad for me as I had enjoyed travelling there since they made their debut in May 2010. I posted in depth about this show and the next two so if you wish to read that report then read my report from then.

4th May: ICW:FF. My best show of the year so far. Covered above
5th May: ICW Reservoir Dogs. Again, check my report

25th May: Pro Wrestling EVE: Queen of the Ring. A good show which suffered due to lack of a big crowd. Rhia O’Reilly vs. Nikki Storm for the EVE title was a great match spoiled slightly by a DQ decision. Logically we should see a rematch somewhere down the line.

20th July: IPW Ferocious Females. A relatively good debut show from IPW, which showed how good Rhia O’Reilly has become in the past 3 years. Again the show suffered from lack of crowd, but it was good to get to see Sakura Lily in a completely different gimmick to her ICW one (even if the flared knee pad things she has part of that costume need sorting out as they had to be pulled off during the match due to getting caught under her boots).

So I have been to 9 shows in total this year and although there weren’t any particularly terrible shows overall there were some awful matches. ICW:FF was without a shadow of a doubt the best show overall and I can’t wait to see the next one in September.

As far as wrestlers go, it’s been a good half year (again) for Nikki Storm, Rhia O’Reilly, Shanna, Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob. I list below my reasons:

  • Nikki finally getting (deservedly) booked in Japan, winning her bracket for TNA Gutcheck and has been announced for AIW in America for October, where her mouthiness will benefit her (from which you would assume that she will be booked at at least one of the following in America/Canada WSU, SHIMMER and NCW:FF as they are taking place in the following weeks, even if she hasn’t been announced).
  • Rhia continues to improve in the ring and whilst she keeps getting booked by SHIMMER it will give people a good chance to keep seeing what she can do.
    Shanna has continued to develop her character and also managed to win her TNA Gutcheck Bracket, as well as coming second overall. This Saturday sees her making her début for WSU and I think she will fit well into the product.
  • Kay Lee Ray was a deserving winner of the ICW:FF belt back in May after all she has done for the company and its only a matter of time until she is booked back in Japan or goes to America.
    You can’t mention Kay Lee Ray without mentioning Carmel and the continued rivalry between these two seems to have no end in site. As a hard hitter and amazing technical wrestler with a look that works she is another one who it is only a matter of time until she is booked in America.

Anyway, this marks a (slightly over) half way point to the year and I have 7 shows that I have tickets for. They are ICW:FF in Glasgow (22nd September) and then I am flying across the Atlantic to America twice in October for AIW’s Girls Night Out 9 & 10 (6th October) and SHIMMER Volumes 58 to 61 (19 & 20th October). This will be my first ever trip to the US and I can’t wait.

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