Gail Kim comments, Chris Harris Update, The Wrestler and More

by Chris Gorst on 11th September 2008

Former ECW Superstar Braden Walker (“Wildcat” Chris Harris) has posted a note on his official website,, saying he’s happy to be free from WWE. He posted the following:

Sept 9, 2008
Glad to be Free!

I wanted to send out a quick message to let everyone know that I am ok. Getting my release was the best thing that could have happened. If you could have seen the condition I was in every day you would understand. I now need to pick up the pieces, make myself better, and find my passion again. Thank you for the support and as soon as I can collect my thoughts you will hear from me again.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that although Gail Kim has not officially signed a deal with WWE, she is definitely leaning more towards them as opposed to TNA. Kim left TNA on very good terms and enjoyed her time there, so she did go back to them to negotiate after WWE made their offer. Specifically, she sat down with TNA owner Dixie Carter, to see if they could work out a deal. The biggest issue is obviously money, as WWE is offering Kim much more than TNA can, and if TNA can’t come close to matching it, then it’s assumed she will eventually sign with WWE.

Speaking of Gail Kim, can confirm that to this point, Gail will not comment on her future at this point but did have this to say:

I’m not making any comment about what is happening in my life professionally just yet so im sorry to disappoint. Im a pretty private person for the most part so i dont feel so comfortable just talking about everything so openly. Well whatever happens, just know that i love you guys and always feel your support no matter what and know that i will be returning to the ring soon. Dont listen to what everyone is writing and saying and i hope no matter what, everyone knows that i always give my all in that ring no matter who im in the ring with or who im in the ring for! I love what i do and am so grateful that i can live my dream…..

Roger Ebert has posted a great, albeit short, review of “The Wrestler,” which you can read at this link. Ebert said Mickey Rourke could win an Oscar nomination for a career best performance. Ebert will post a full review, with a star rating, when the movie hits theaters nation wide.

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